Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On The Second Day of Fashion ~Grim Bros !!

Today Day Two of Holiday Fashion, Breezy swings by Grim Bros !!
What would a true Steam punk/ Diesel Punk Holiday Season be With out
a Visit to Grim Bros :)
Grim Bros
Your source for Gowns, Gear , Goggles & Giggles
Miss Cutea Benelli's Holiday creative & Decorations are Much Fun!!!
always clever and out of the box affordable low prim for all :)
Weeeee Breezy rides on The Grim Merry go Around ... Color changing horses
very adorable animations .. and yes You guessed if much Fun and for sale :)
Be it Dark, Out of the Box, Cutesy works Laughs are never a problem
with these most clever designers .. Quality Products , Most Orignal Designs
Grim Bros keeps them coming year after year!!
Grim Bros.
offers skins, tattoos, as well as gowns and gadgets, steampunk and post-apoc plus outright wacky accessories and clothing for daily combat.
Low Prim & Grim offers b-movie, horror and darkside props, furniture and deco.
Grim Bros. Furniture Dept. offers dirty, grimy, grungy furniture your mom wouldn't touch with a stick.
What gal on the Grid does not Know Grim Bros whimsy "Must Have"
Shoes ... grins .. Must Have !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ohh Surprise A Magic Gift !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YaY!!!! With a "B"
And My Prize ???? (( grins )) well it was and is a most special Treat
Breezy highly recommends all to stop by and gift a prize gift a try today !!!
A visit to Grim Bros is always full of surprises !!
Holiday Gift Cards from Grim Bros is always a Most welcomed Treat !
The gown Breezy is wearing is at this time for Free on X-Street
(this is for the dress only, if you would like to have the hat as well, read full text below)
Another seasonal freebie by Grim Bros.: This royal Xmas gown comes with a detailed skirt and cute puffy sleeves, ornate bright red textures on the layers as well as the prim parts - and a lot of prettiness. We're sure Santa will fall for you!
The gown's parts all have copy permission.
And there is more: until Dec 26 the matching hat (as depicted in the images here) can be found for free in-world at the
Grim Bros. Main store at Clematis Island [/url] in a sort of mini-hunt that will last until Christmas. Yes, this means that the hat shown in the picture is _not_ included but can be hunted down in-world.
PLEASE NOTE: you will have to look for the hat's box, it's NOT going to be right by the tp point. if you don't want to spend the time doing this, you can always just enjoy the dress without the hat!:)
Also, matching heels are available for purchase in-world - and many other great and silly Christmas items to wear or decorate your home with:)
This item is marked as limited because we want to give out a certain number of things at a time only. This is NOT a limited edition of any kind, so we may at a later point decide to hand out more of these. 

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