Sunday, December 26, 2010

Star Light Star Bright ...... Have Fun Being a Movie Star ......Tonight !!!

OK *grins* please bare with Breezy here .. Wicked weather out there ..
snow .. Wind.. Rains .. Sleet ... more wind... and Snow Thunder !!!
and they say it is going to get worse ... So as breezy waits this thing out and as long as
she can pop on line ..
lets have fun shall we ???
A we bit of a tribute to The Classics in Vintage couture and faces below.
((In Video that is *smiles* ))
Breezy would love to have this little ensemble from Blacklace in all worlds ..
so comfy and rich satin .. the chocolate color is just so perfect ...
Blacklace – Silken Dreams –
This Delisous ensemble was released back on November 20th
Breezy believes it is still out
a dream come true. Well,
Silken Dreams, anyway – and its in a limited edition color!
Blacklace’s Silken Dreams will wrap your body in lace trimmed satin, and caress every curve
while grazing your soft skin.
Perfect for cuddling with your partner on a cold night, or for wrapping up in a soft warm blanket and reading that book you’ve been wanting to get to.
Either way, Silken Dreams is the perfect way to pamper yourself

Next up .. Ladies and very special Treat .. From The Second Life Designer of Divas
heh .. just kidding ..
Ladies this a Fun Luxurious One, indeed !!!
Donna Flora's Movie Star in Gold .. and it is shimmery !!!
Fun and just Over the Top Stunning !!!!
Paparazzi not included .. (( grins))
Brenda Sunglasses are sold separately , also by Donna Flora available in many many
fun shades and designs .. what fun !!!
The gown is just gorgeous with a sequin texture to die for .. Well done !!
Two top options are included to indulge one's self with .. *smiles*
So step up, Have some fun and don't miss Your close up ...
In Donna Flora's Movie Star , Shown in Gold also available in MOVIE STAR -black
Thank You so much for stopping by .. More snow tomorrow
so who knows where Breezy shall take us all ..
twirlssssssssssssssss ...

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