Saturday, August 11, 2012

Everyone is Dying TO Know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Ladies and Gentlemen Please Don't Miss This Exclusive Pose and Prop Set 
From LostAngel Industries only At Chic Mmgt Vintage Fair 2012 
Take a Cab Now ..  
THis Chic Creative Prop with several wonderful couple Poses is waiting for You !!! 
 Breezy's Darling Outfit from Gizza only at The Vintage Fair 2012 
Rafael wears Classic Tres Beau .. 
Props and Poses LostAngel Industries only at the Vintage Fair 2012 
 Chic Mmgt Vintage Fair 2012 
Going on now to August 29th
3 sims packed with Brilliant Vintage Creative !! 
 They always work so well together 
*big smile* 
Oh Yes  Watch the Video ..   grins !!!!! 
As Everyone is  Dying to know ...
The Detectives ..  Poses and Props New From LostAngel Inds .
Exclusive only @ Chic Mmgt Vintage fair 2012 

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