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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

GizzA - Gitana Del Alma

 GizzA - Gitana Del Alma 
Vanity Hair Playful  Blond 
Glam Affair Skin 
Location  Garden of Dreams *Dream Scene* Fountain 
 GizzA - Gitana Del Alma 
Ladies Don't Miss This Limited Addition Gown From Gizza 
When they are gone  they are gone for ever 
and they are going Fast !!!! 
 The Beauty of  The  Gitana Del Alma  Gown From Gizza 
is Spectacular ..The spanish inspired gown
has a Quality texture with a most Delightful Ebb and Flow..
Pure Gizza Signature Style 
Is Glorious !!! 
The Backround is From Garden of Dreams (( GOD)) 
 Dream Scene is your portable hideaway in the sky.
 Rezz the bubble and fly up to 4000m to fantastic venues for you and your friends. 
Privacy in a fanciful scenery!
Modular system ! Garden of Dreams come out with new scenes regularly
 and you can easily add them to your basis bubble. 
Visit The Beautiful World of Garden of Dreams Today 

Hair by Vanity Hair 
 Playful - Blonde 
Don't forget Vanity Hair .. Hair Contest 
Going on Now To August 20th 
More Info and Rules can be found 

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