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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chic Management's Vintage Fair 2012 Just Hours Away !!!

Chic Management's Vintage Fair 2012 
Opens Today  @ 4pm SLT 
August 4th to August 29th 
Just Hours Away !!!
Gown by The Amazing Mila Tatham
*SoliDea FoliEs* 
SoliDea FoliEs Salima Gown for Vintage Fair 2012
Motionless "Innamorata" For Vintage Fair 2012 
TuTy's ADORABLE Updo hairstyle @ Vintage 2012
Rafael's ensemble ..  Vintage Tres Beau for Men (not new) 

Vintage Fair Flickr Competition – Over 115000L up for grabs!

We just love giving back to you guys, so of course we needed a competition to reflect that! For the second year running we are holding a Vintage Fair flickr competition. Below you can find the rules of participating and the prizes. We’re going to keep our team of judges a secret so they won’t be harrassed, but they are excluded from winning (although they can still enter to show you how its done!)


+ Flickr Competition opens: July 28th 2012
+ Flickr Competition closes: August 31st
+ Winners will be announced by: September 7th

Rules of Participation

+ Your photo must include one of the NEW products sold at Vintage Fair 2012 by one of the brands involved in the event.
+ Your photo can have a “Mature” rating but keep it tasteful.
+ Your photo must be submitted to our FLICKR GROUP.
+ Your photo must be named “Vintage Fair – (Your Name)” and have a link to this page in your photos description
+ You must credit the model and the photographer in your photo’s description. You must also state which one you are. The person submitting the photo will win the prize. If the same photo is submitted once by the model and once by the photographer and that photo is decided to be the winner, the photographer would receive the prize.
+ By entering we have the right to include your photo on our website or at the Fair itself.
+ You should credit the item from Vintage Fair that you are displaying!
+ We prefer it if you credit your pose creator, especially if its a Vintage Fair item.

Breezy is wearing Lovely Mi - Bettie [black] for Vintage Fair 2012 
Pose and Prop SSP Plush pose for Vintage Fair 2012
Skin Fabulous Glam Affair 
Rafael is in Vintage Men's Tres Beau (not new still the best :) )) 
See You At The Vintage Fair 2012 
Kick off @ 4pm SLT That's Today 
Saturday August 4th 
Grab Your Tickets 

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