Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A deep Thank YOU to a most Special Lady !

People come and people go ~ and yes some a few do indeed leave footprints inside one's heart !
Some people chat daily , some work together ,perhaps live together
Sometimes one makes an acquaintance that somehow clicks and becomes a quite special friendship.
Now some shall roll their eyes and think perhaps .. ah there she goes , *grins*
Indeed here I go . I wish to give a personal homage and a special thank you to very dear friend !
But you see she is not just my friend she is friend to a whole community !
This is the friend that could have easily said not too long ago to me

"leave me alone" "i don't trust you" " look what you have done"
"Its all your fault" but no she did none of those things.
Of all people this was and is the gal that can judge me tenfold and ya know what .

She never has or does !
Our friendship has never been work .
Now our paths are seldom easy

You see with out trying we both be on that path seldom taken .
The one with sensitive passionate heart and devotion for and towards others always ..

never drama rather always genuine pure heart !
There is a huge difference !!
Many do not wish to be on nor deal with this path and that is really alright .

Often folks stray to the path and sometimes there is a keeper who stays more often then not many just mention "oh sorry I was lost" Well this person is the gal that helps you get back on your own way .. and she does it with a quiet thoughtful touch a soft gentle there there touch .. I have witnessed it and smiled !!
This woman and I have been thru a lot and you know what we still smile and laugh and care and love one another imagine that !!
Any questions feel free to ask as we are both pretty genuine honest women !!
Then most of the ladies of babbage I know are !!
I was just chatting with someone (another friend )
and the conversation came up ..

" Oh its all changed breezy its not the same " hummm I really wonder about that
You see New Babbage doesn't change I really believe we do !
Oh sure info structures , growth. ideas and pros and cons weave in and out !!
But the heart of the city goes on . New Babbage has a heart !
In fact if one is quiet and walks her streets alone in the still of the night or day

(( one can hear it beat !))
So Miss Beq Janus

You are the Friend and Lady of Babbage I wish to pay homage to and thank
(( quite over do wouldn't you say ?? no you would never but I shall *grin*)
You are a heroin and scholar You are a delightful clever writer and a fun passionate gal !
You have a heart and helping hand that is always extended and never ask for anything in return !!
You are so most caring and sensitive and thoughtful !
A wicked builder artist and creator with a depth of fun spirit always !
Indeed thank YOU .. thank you being my friend and staying my friend thru good fun ,

thru all the challenges, up and downs
in and on this long and winding road we both on !!
For it is a wonderful experience and true Joy to know I mean really know you !!
Indeed see you on that road and know my door shall never disapear !!
yeah yeah yeah ...
yours with love


Beq said...

Breezy, honey, I'm speechless. Well, nearly, thank you Breezy for such a lovely post, though it makes me blush awkwardly. Thank you Breezy for your crazy, headlong, passionate, full speed, fun filled approach to life. I'll save the rest of my words for IMs.

Breezy Carver said...

/me smiles

Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

just beautiful and well deserved! we're not as close as you are but i have always admired her lovely wit, style, smarts, and kind heart...