Sunday, April 5, 2009

~ Dreams and then Some~

warm smile .. second life .. first life .. this is how it goes for me ..*grins*
Second life it's my most secret special place .. my personal private place away from my real world ..
The catch .. i am me in it .. but i do not expect my second life to dictate my first ..
As a matter of fact it is quite different !!

please note twirls on this video the purest best of all !! *beams*
It does make my first life a bit more complete in the fact that I am most blessed to turn it on log on ah yes and enter a different world and escape .. relax..
if You please this magical place I am blessed to enjoy with endless experiences
with real live people *smile* for YOU are the characters and substance that dreams are made of !!
Example i have some big decisions to make .. and i have put them off .. this morning I spent a wee bit of time .. with my own private thoughts first in real life on the beach .. the cove and then later with a nice latte

in the "world of second"
Walking my own far away haunts there as well ..Quite different really

.. thinking just thinking .. but later visited with
. Dear Canolli on the piers building another wonderful creation .. grins .. I do love to watch her build as we chat ..
Later I visited the good Dr Dayafter who was showing me The New Iron Bay .. quite amazing , soon to be perhaps one of my favorite spots i am sure !!
I do have a wonderful affection for port sides !!

I have always looked at and to Factories.The smoke stacks .. the many windows .some broken some not .. .. for they and industry have always sparked me !! Driving the coasts of interstates .. always I look and think .. past present future !
How wicked fun to be able to sit on a dock and watch the sun set or rise .. grins .. with the factories of hopes and dreams of what was. is shall be in heart ..right behind one !!
sort of a neat experience indeed !!
*Grins* makes me smile and think of one .. A friendship that means a lot to me !!
Imagine the gift of : to feel and be given an eclectic balance and a tumultuous edge of mirth and peace .. to be honest ..You help to make me be a better me ..ah You always make me smile and laugh ..

yes nothing else compares to You .. *grins*
I know i am not the best writer or the smartest blade in the draw .. nor am I really anyone special ..grins perhaps many really have no clue on just humble or what I really am !

But i do believe with all my heart dreams do and can come true , if one does keep their perspectives and things in the right spaces WoW then the fun and magic is endless in the explorations and experiences of the heart mind and being !! . thank YOu for caring and most important for helping me not only learn but taking the time to teach me . Life is not a race but indeed slow and steady is the way to go !!
Thank YOU for making a difference in my humble little life .. You know who You be !!
Ah yes and a toast to the factories in any world because they indeed make the steam . the smoke and are and have been the creation of so many Hopes and Dreams !!!

Cheers to some special moments in time and the hope of many more .. and good thoughts for the week ahead in all worlds may they stay steady and safe and secure !! One request .. Please try to understand ..Respect Compassion and Trust are not just handed to another .. they too are gifts of the heart given with no conditions other then it really feels right to do so !!
If we do not take risks then how can we know ??

Thank You for acceptance ... my day dreams are happy again !! The photos are like one's mind .taken then kept and then replayed again to bring a smile .. a warm one the kind one can hear !

Ciao but just for now !!

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