Sunday, April 19, 2009

Horses of the White City

Imagine with out them they never could have even built the fair ..
How ever Horses were banned from the fair
Oh there were statues , paintings , photos of them every where but horses where banned from the fair ..
imagine .. the horses did visit that magic White City when no humans were watching !!

Why on earth The White City some might think .... others perhaps do not even care ..
a few that know me .. know I am just on a little journey of fun ..
I did live in Ills for four years , graduated from Bradly University
BS in ACJ and Soc ..
Imagine ....add the marymount nuns for 14 years .. ha !
My education has taught me a great deal
but my richest lessons are not the ones ones gotten in class .
these are the lessons we learn from interaction and caring about others

I love to learn naturally and interact with good people !!
I love to share and give....
I will with out a doubt love and give more in a life then I may Receive
but that in no way means
I stop loving or giving
I often wonder what gives one the right to treat any other cruelly
because perhaps it was done to them ?? .. hummm answer ..
The golden rule and some people really seem to have a ruff time with it on line
now don't they
Remember that its not hard to be nice !
Your conversations in the negative about another
will only bring you yourself negative ..
and i have to remind my own self of this often .. it is a process and learned behavior.
Doing this series is helping Breezy in many ways .. as
The White City was perhaps one of the most amazing feats and builds of the 19th century !
The man power, money, and time that went in it still is blowing my mind ..
Nothing like it has ever been close to duplicated !!
Imagine being a know it all 21st century engineer and not even considering A Build from The White City
in today's world
*Sigh* what a waist !!

Imagine that !!
What these men created and built (( some builds still exist today ))
with out a doubt where and are the things dreams are made of !
Perhaps I am thought of being pretty dumb by those that have not one clue !
My stars books have been written on the Ferris wheel alone. Never mind the horses !!
I respect art and talent .. I do not do mind games and petty competitive and insecurities !!
Time will reveal them all .. as I said I got time ..
and You all get The White City !

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