Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hrudka (Slovak egg cheese for Easter)

Great Classic Movie !!!
A movie that i have always adored !!!
(as for fith avenue always over rated and raining the years I was there but, we all did always have a great deal of fun ! )
Ah and now moving forward right along .. Reflecting over and now time for the Rituals of the dear Day !!
and this is a classic torture ritual I do every year for my husband !!
An American thru and thru he be mind you .. Alas has this Slovak delightful heritage
that I have tried so hard to keep up this little tradition !! Alas I am just
a simple passionate Irish gal ((American style )) Never made soda bread or corn beef and cabbage in my life but .. the cheese ball .. well its become The Star

The Cheese Ball
made with the dozen eggs
the quart of whole milk (that I cheat and use 2%) shh secret
a dash of salt( that I cheat and add one sugar packet) shhh secret
the results friends and family love my little torture cheese ball !!

Hrudka (Slovak Easter Egg Cheese)
Adapted from the recipe found in "Our Best to You", the 1st edition Sacred Heart Byzantine Catholic Church cookbook of Livonia, Michigan. The original recipe Hrudka is served for Easter along with ham, kielbasa, beet horseradish, and paska (Easter bread).Some people put it on a ham or kielbasa sandwich but I always eat a slice plain with a lots of pepper.
Happy Easter , Passover , or Piece of Mind

Yep I bake all the breads too .. poppy,nut, prune and ahh paska (Easter bread). and then right down the stairs to my basement to the treadmill !!! ha ! Good news its a Sunday brunch and thus easy and fun once all the deeds have been done !! Ahh back to the kitchen for me so I can relax and have fun later !!! thanks for reading !!Twirlssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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