Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thank YOU From Piermont Landing

Thank YOU Trilo for the wonderful photos and capture :-)
Thank YOU Bookworm :-)

Greetings ..First of all i can not say enough thanks to all that attended the Steamfitters Ball (( Gold Themed ))
I do everything with music as those that know me .. knows (( grins )) .. the music i have been on the past few days was not steamy enough to do this most special recap !!
There was amazing music to dance to and once again the three hour journey that the Amazing DJ bats works with me to make and create for all was amazing after he is the soul of Piermont Landing !!
Personal note the guest list that attended this event touched my heart !!!I almost fell off my chair as I read it .. I really wish I could award a prize to each and everyone of YOU .. (( over a three hour journey 115 of you .. wow ! )) .. grins ..I wish to explain Peace of Mind !!!a little advice i have been given first by my own father who said Your worry to details .. the big stuff falls into place .. (( sorry to the gang that wrote don't sweat the small stuff )) against my grain for it is the little things that make the big things amazing !! humble view .. to the best friends a sea breeze could know thank YOU so much for your time love and suport in helping breezy tenfold ..(( you know who each be :) ))I love New Babbage and i love (yes love ) my friends and neighbors and am so grateful for peoples support !! thank YOU for being kind to me !!I am so not perfect a handful even and to those of you that accept and care to understand me thank YOU !!For together we do keep and help one another with "Peace of Mind" and get thru with out lies and negatives in drama ..that's just the way New Babbage and he Neighbors be!! a most Special "Lot" we all be !!You had so much and so many wonderful friends neighbors and delightful characters there .. Role play brilliant !! I wish to give a special hug and big Thank YOU to Miss Eugenia Burton for her capture and vision of this entertaining on going plot line between two wonderful nations New Babbage and Steel headand To New Babbage's very own city evil ((great guy)) Doctor Obolensky and to each of YOU that came by to keep it all going !!Please know you each looked amazing !!

Best Dressed in men and women ( no particulars )
The Gents
Alin Hendrassen
Augustus Dayafter*
Rafael Fabre
KlausWulfenbach Outlander
Roy Smashcan*
Otenth Paderborn*
The Ladies ...
Sylvie Franizzi*
Eugenia Burton*
Ghilayne Andrew*
Rose Springvale*
Riven Homewood*
Elleon Bergamasco*

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