Tuesday, April 28, 2009

...To Make the Tide Rise Again ..

The legend of the mermaid includes everything from folk tales to the myths and poetry of modern times. The stories from Africa and the new world are really believed by people right now. I put two poems here because they are inspired by the old tales.

The Mermaid’s Wish
Awaken now, or soon be awoke
A chariot’s appeared
Seahorse drawn and mermaid driven
The fish popped up and peered
From the sandy sea-shelves
They watch her graceful dance,
The princess of the lake
Eager for amber sunbeams
Glassy surf won’t penetrate
To shine on coral kingdoms
Within the pearly deep
Her one wish
On brittle star
This fairy of the lagoon
To dance among both stars and shells
And sing to the man in the moon…

The Merman Poem by James Whitcomb Riley
Who would be A merman gay,
Singing alone, Sitting alone,
With a mermaid's knee,
For instance--hey-- For a throne?

I would be a merman gay;
I would sit and sing the whole day long;
I would fill my lungs with the strongest brine,
And squirt it up in a spray of song,
And soak my head in my liquid voice;
I'd curl my tail in curves divine,
And let each curve in a kink rejoice.
I'd tackle the mermaids under the sea,
And yank 'em around till they yanked me, Sportively, sportively;
And then we would wiggle away, away,
To the pea-green groves on the coast of day,
Chasing each other sportively.

There would be neither moon nor star;
But the waves would twang like a wet guitar Low thunder and thrum in the darkness grum-- Neither moon nor star;
We would shriek aloud in the dismal dales--
Shriek at each other and squawk and squeal,
"All night!" rakishly, rakishly;
They would pelt me with oysters and wiggletails,
Laughing and clapping their hands at me,

But I would toss them back in mine,
Lobsters and turtles of quaint design;
Then leaping out in an abrupt way,
I'd snatch them bald in my devilish glee,
And skip away when they snatched at me,
Fiendishly, fiendishly.
O, what a jolly life I'd lead,
Ah, what a "bang-up" life indeed!
Soft are the mermaids under the sea--
We would live merrily, merrily.
Ah the early days of a simple Seabreeze .. indeed I was a mermaid in Avalon ..
perhaps never to go back ....that's alright .. *grins* I am happier and safe now ..
Those days are long ago .. but the spirit and the mind set .. of the Sea, no matter where breezy be, the beloved sea.. shall always reside deep with me .. in any world ..I wish all the moon light and remind each ..
it is indeed always the one thing
That feels right .. Add some special company ......................
thank You for the balance ...
Happy Twirlsssssssssssssssssssssssssss
be it deep under the water in my secret quiet dreams ..
or on land side in and always from heart....

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