Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Please Join Me for a Ride .......

The carousel *smiles* there is something so most romantic and quite dark to each of them ..
dark mysterious .. sad but happy .. a true rush of paradoxes each one always be .. with a story to share and tell to the each of us that care enough to make the time and look ....
As a child it was my favorite ride at Rye Play land .. as a teen still my favorite .. as a young woman it was indeed my favorite summer time date ... My husband proposed to me on one . grins ..Ah as for the Ferris Wheel perhaps one of the other most special .. grins .. still working on making memories there ... Now with summer here I am sure the carnival theme shall come to life in New Babbage it so makes perfect sense .. whispers I know of two good friends who have quite special venues planned ..
where ahh only New Babbage but of course ...
Until then Please join Breezy for a ride on a painter pony of her very own .. Of course she has her very own carousel *grins* shall save that for another day ..
Make it a good one and in between any world please always try to make room for the dreams and secret heart felt desires for they are where carousels came from ..
warm hugsss and happy twirlsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
outfits each from Silent Sparrow
Midnight Circus
Coppelia ~silent sparrow~boxed
(Candy) maida suite ~silent sparrow~
History Of The Old Carousel
Original carousels featured brass poles and fixtures, antique-style incandescent lighting and beveled-glass mirrors. Band organ music completed the circle of nostalgia. There are only two American manufacturers still producing this popular family attraction for circuses, carnivals, and fairs. Allen Herschell, who sold his firm in 1950 to a maker of fiberglass horses, was the last wooden-horse carver in the U.S. Now days authentic wooden carousel horses cost anywhere from $200 to $27,000, depending upon their age and condition.

What began in the 12th century as Arab horsemen throwing scented clay balls from rider to rider in a test of skill is now one of America's favorite amusement rides. The legend of the carousel has it that those untouched by the perfume of the clay were considered superior riders. Returning Crusaders later introduced the sport, renamed "carrosello" or "little war," to Italy. Today's carousel owes its origin to the 17th-century French, who modified the ancient sport. Using a wheel consisting of wooden arms and suspended horses, young French nobility practiced the game by attempting to lance golden rings.

With the foresight of a toy-maker, carousels soon became popular with Parisian children and eventually spread to America. Later, the carved riders gained tremendous popularity and entertained early beach and resort visitors. As steam, and then electricity, were harnessed for energy, carousels began to appear at the end of railway lines. As they flourished, the simple wooden machines developed into elaborate machines
that are still being studied and admired today.
Carousel art carving, created between 1867 and 1930, has long been neglected as an Art Form. Only recently has it come to the attention of students of both Art and History. The best carousels were American, not European. However, the craftsmen were nearly all recent immigrants whose work reflected what coming the American meant to them. European Carousel horses were stiff and stereotyped. American horses were carved in amazing variety with dramatic and free-flowing styles that embodied the essence of the American Spirit
What is a Carousel and a Merry-Go-Round?
Carousels only have horses, so it should not be confused with a merry-go-round or menagerie carousel, which can be many different animals. The carousel originated in France several hundred years ago as a device to help young noblemen practice their lancing skills. As the wooden horse rotated around a center pole, the rider would attempt to spear a small brass ring on the outside perimeter.

Carousels In America
The story of the carousel, or merry-go-round, in America traces back to the mid-19th century when Gustav Dentzel, a German immigrant, opened the G.A. Dentzel Steam and Horsepower Carousel Company. During this time, carousels were considered the premier amusement ride. While more than 7,000 carousels were once created, fewer than 300 are still in use that were built in American factories. The Depression, fires, floods and neglect caused the deterioration of the magnificent machines.
The golden age of the carousel lasted twenty five years. It originated in Europe, but America is where its highest achievement of craftsmanship developed. Carved and created by immigrant craftsmen at their highest level. California and New York have most of all existing carousels in America. The only two that exist in Tennessee that I know of are:
1909 Dentzel Grand Carousel at Libertyland Park, MemphisBuilt in 1909 by William H. Dentzel of the famed Dentzel Carousel Company, the Grand Carousel is a beautifully restored, hand-carved wooden horses that move within an elaborately decorated frame. The ride is listed with the National Register of Historic Places.
1920 Dentzel Carousel at Dollywood Park, Pigeon Forge

Origin of Merry-Go-Rounds and Ferris Wheels
The merry-go-round dates back to the early 18th century. The first merry-go-round was made in Europe, perhaps in France, in the late 1700's or early 1800's. It was called a carrousel, after an elaborate tournament-type entertainment first given at the court of France in the reign of Henry IV. Troops of costumed horsemen engaged in contests, drills, and pageants. The Place du Carrousel, between the Louvre and the Tuileries Garden in Paris, was named for a magnificent carrousel given there by Louis XIV in 1662.
Since only the nobility could enjoy these spectacles, a Parisian toy maker set hobbyhorses on a platform to create a make-believe carrousel. It was crudely made and the platform turned slowly with only manpower or horsepower to move it; but it delighted people from the beginning. Modern merry-go-rounds are whirled by motors; but many of them still carry prancing wooden ponies wearing the fancy harness of tournament mounts.
The first Ferris wheel was 250 feet in diameter and stood 264 feet high, had 36 pendulum cars which carried 60 passengers each (total of 2,160 riders), weighted 1,200 tons and was powered by two 1,000 horsepower engines. It was built for the World's Columbian Exposition held in Chicago, Ill., in 1893.
The Ferris wheel was designed by George Washington Gale Ferris. Ferris contracted the construction of the Ferris wheel to a dozen steel companies, since it was so large that no single steel company could produce it. It was produced at a cost of $350,000 (in 1893) and was so popular that the cost was recovered within a few weeks, at the exposition.

Monday, June 29, 2009

^v^ SEA of LIFE ^v^ Bay Side :)

Morning Campers !! *grins* this is what we call the "real deal" ,
"Bay side",if ya please.....in my own first life ..
and this blog is to Friendships, sort of Like "Bay Side", in any life great lives or not .. There is nothing like the bright Light and support of a good and dear Friend in any world really .. They can give one that extra spark .. A special smile ..*grins*.... a good feeling ...that comes from with in ...

So understand .. not everyone is a friend .. Some well some just are not the ones we get to enjoy and sway with .. grins and that is alright !! It thru these experiences Friendship are embraced Not dissed or destroyed !!
Join me In the Toast to the True Foot Prints that exist in each of own hearts ..
for these are the foot prints of kindness that often help and keep the each of us from falling a part .
The Friend Who Just Stands By
When trouble come your soul to try,You love the friend who just "stands by."Perhaps there's nothing he can do--The thing is strictly up to you;For there are troubles all your own,And paths the soul must tread alone;Times when love cannot smooth the road Nor friendship lift the heavy load,But just to know you have a friend Who will "stand by" until the end,Whose sympathy through all endures,Whose warm handclasp is always yours--It helps, some ways, to pull you through,Although there's nothing he can do.And so with fervent heart you cry,"God bless the friend who just 'stand by.'"
...B. Y. Williams - From the book Tea For Two

Just Being Friends
"Friendship happens in that special moment
when someone reaches out to another,
trusts, comforts, believes in another,
and makes a special difference
that no one else can make".
Beauty of Our Friendship
Friendship is a Priceless Gift that cannot be bought or sold,
But its value is far greater than a mountain made of Gold.
For gold is cold and lifeless, it can neither see nor hear
And in the time of trouble it is powerless to cheer--
It has no ears to listen nor heart to understand,
It cannot bring you comfort or reach out a helping hand
So when you ask God for a gift
Be thankful if HE sends not diamonds, pearls or riches
But The Love of Real True Friends.
- Helen Steiner Rice -
~ Threads of A Friendship ~
Contents: medium size card with the poem below on it
and a tiny spool of thread glued to card. Place inside of a zip lock sandwich bag.
Threads of A Friendship That Will Never Break:
Thank you for the laughter, for the good times we share.
Thanks for always listening, for trying to be fair.
Thank you for the comfort, when things are going bad.
Thank you for the shoulder to cry on when I'm sad.
This gift is a reminder that all my lifetime through,
I will be thanking heaven for a special friend like you
~ Friendship Gift ~
You wrap a small block of wood 2x2 or 3x3 with fabric.
You then wrap either raffia or a fabric bow, with the following poem attached.
"This is a very special gift That you can never see.
The reason it's so special is... It's just for you from me.
Whenever you are lonely, or ever feeling blue,
You only have to hold this gift, and know I think of you.
You never can unwrap it... please,
leave the ribbon tied.
Just hold the box close to your heart
It's filled with love, inside".
~ Friendship Bag ~
Contents: roll of lifesavers, cotton ball, Hershey's Kiss, Hershey's Hug, Sweet Tarts, B-day candle, circle with happy face stickers, rubber band, pencil eraser(top), band-aid, recipe card with a recipe on it, paper clip, tissue, and a small smooth stone.
Place all these items in a pretty gift bag.
On the outside of the bag attach a sheet of paper or note card
with the meanings below printed on it.
Contained in this Friendship Bag are a few reminders of friendship.
LIFESAVERS: To remind you of the many times others need help and we need theirs.
COTTON BALL: For the rough roads, seek the cushioned support of your family and friends.
RUBBER BAND: A reminder to stay flexible.
SWEET & SOUR CANDY: To help you appreciate the differences in others.
CANDY KISS: To remind you that everyone needs kisses.
CANDY HUG: To remind you that hugs are nice, too.
HAPPY FACE: Smiling not only increases your face value, it's contagious.
CANDLE: To remind you to share your light with others.
BAND-AID: For healing hurt feelings, yours and someone else's.
RECIPE CARD: To share a favorite with a friend as a symbol of caring.
PAPER CLIP: to help keep things together when they seem to be slipping out of control.
TISSUE: to wipe away a tear, your own or someone else's
SMALL SMOOTH STONE: to remind you that rough times
help refine and polish--use for smoother tomorrows
ERASER: To remind you that everyday you can start with a clean slate.

Walk With Me
If you have learned to walk
A little more sure-footedly than I,
Be patient with my stumbling then
And know that only as I do my best and try
May I attain the goal For which we both are striving.
If through experience, your soul Has gained heights which I
As yet in dim-lit vision see,
Hold out your hand and point the way,
Lest from its straightness I should stray,
And walk a mile with me.
From the book, Taking Time For Friends.
The author is unknown.
If I Could...
If I could catch a rainbow
I would do it just for you
And share with you its beauty
On the days you're feeling blue.
If I could build a mountain
You could call your very own
A place to find serenity
A place to be alone.
If I could take your troubles
I would toss them in the sea
But all these things I'm finding
Are impossible for me.
I cannot build a mountain
Or catch a rainbow fair
But let me be what I know best:
A friend that's always there.
Author Unknown
Be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
Talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet.
Make all of your friends feel there is something in them that is worthwhile.
Look at the sunny side of everything.
Be as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.
Forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
Give everyone a smile.
Spend so much time improving yourself that you have no time left to criticize others.

Be too big for worry and too noble for anger.
Don't let yourself drown in the SEA OF LIFE!
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the Bay Side .. and now for an early Sway !!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

... so the world goes round and round

... Eurus ...... Afer Ventus ...
... so the world goes round and round
with all you ever knew -
They say the sky high above
is Caribbean blue ......
if every man says all he can,
if every man is true,
do I believe the sky above
is Caribbean blue ......
Boreas ...... Zephryus ......
if all you told was turned to gold,
if all you dreamed were new,
imagine sky high above
in Caribbean blue ..................
...... Eurus ... Afer Ventus ......Boreas
Zephryus ...... Africus ...
ahh perhaps silly child like thoughts and dreams .. Perhaps not ..For Breezy always has her wings ...
Perhaps it is not wise to share with ... others .. Ponders in thoughts in any life ..
what happen to standard, the norm in kind and giving hearts ??? Where did compassion go ?? ahh what is life with out .. random acts of kindness, caring ,giving and sharing ... Looks over my shoulder and smiles .. for they are still the very the best feelings I and many others know .. in any world ,I shall continue to care , give, share and do with passion and all of my heart .. nods .. and I shall continue to dream .. and try to learn and grow from each experience ... ah and to the One that makes so many of my dreams come true (warm smile) the kind you can hear and Thank YOU !! ... hugssssssssssssss and Happy caring Twirlssssssssssssssss ....

Hurly Burly Girl Outfit for New Babbage RFL on sale Now !!

Ahhh we are getting closer and closer with Just 21 days to go ... tick tock tick tock ...... and I am most excited about the team's latest donation for this gal is Most clever kind and dear to so many of We ...... a warm hug and thank YOU to YOU dear Ahnyanka Delphin!

Thank YOU so much to the lovely Ms Ahnyanka Delphin for her latest creation she has Made and donated to New Babbage RFL .. it is for sale at The Piermont ....
Ah New Babbage's Camp Site that will be viewed in Just .....................21 days.. Oh My !!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

As the Clocks Tick Tock In New Babbage ........

Oh My the dark dark dark Nights and Days of New Babbage
for as Much as I care for My dear Friend Dame Ceejay Writer and
Indeed My friend The Evil ((but oh so good)) ...Doctor O...
Gosh I miss the Moody Little Clock winder .. What to do ...What to do ... I know ..

Breezy ran to her close friend Ms Canolli and whispered her idea ..
With a raised eye Brow and an evil Grin The most talented Ms Canolli with a chuckle was off to work in her work shop..............and in no Time ...... Breezy did indeed Now need to wound !!!!!
For Now Breezy was prepared to deal with what ever the weekend would bring .. With butterfly gears and beating Red heart .. now with much lighter skin and a darker outlook (( well she has been hanging around dear Ms Canolli a lot .. grins .. Bring on the drama the dark and sparks ...
Indeed ... not too much longer now .. all shall be well !! For this is New Babbage and anything can happen to anyone I might I add .. Ah and the magic and creative Look out all .. Ms Canolli has a new line coming out .. big smile ... ahh but might that new Line .. ponders and grins ..
Breezy shall quietly sit by and observe and wait .. for all to die down and good to prevail but in the interim .. dare she have a wee bit of fun .. For there is nothing Like the characters and the Streets and stories deep in .... Cities of New Babbage ..
Clockwork Doll
I was a clockwork doll that night,
and I turned left and I turned right
and when I fell and broke to bits,
they recomposed my wax and wits.
I was a proper doll once more,
my manner carefully demure;
and yet a doll of another kind
an injured twig that tendrils bind.
And when they asked me to a ball
although my steps were rhythmical,
they partnered me with dog and cat.
My hair was gold, my eyes were blue.
I wore a dress where flowers grew.
Cherries blazed on my straw hat.
-- Dalia Ravikovitch
and coming in July .....
The Trilogy
Clockwork-Mechanical-Doll Formal Ball
The Alarm Clock Building Contest 30prim limit /Cash Lindens

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The King of Pop Dead At Age 50

June 25Th 315pm Michael Jackson left this world ..... dead at the age of 50 .
1958- 2009
Won 13 Grammies
double Time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee
The King of Pop is gone and God Rest his most talented Heart and Soul !!!!!' He was a Dancer !!!
Make no doubt about it this Man ruled for 3 decades as the Jackson 5 in the 70's owned the 80's and 90's solo .. and tried so hard in 2001 to come back and was about to try to come back again..!!!!!
I highly suggest one takes the time to watch his last video Made in 2001 You Rock my World !!
Who else but Michael Jackson could nail Vincent Price in the 80s and Marlon Brando in 2001 before he passed .. I really need to say something even when it was not cool I loved his music It was the music I grew up on and always felt better With !!! We lost a Giant Today a true Giant !!!!!'

this was the 30th anniversary tv special (( perhaps the last performance of this family together)) 2007 *

performace 3oth aniversary 2007 .if anyone has any doubts about his moves ever .. sigh . check out the Legends before him that inspired him .. perhaps odd .. perhaps strange .. perhaps .. bizarre .. grant it ... freak show .. agreed !!! But he sure could put on a performace !!!!

But .... sigh ... Like it or not this is the stuff that true a Legend was made of .. looks down .. what a waist .. how sad .. there will never be another the magnitude the likes of this .. Great Talent .. The King of Pop ..... dead at 50 today !!! ...May he now have and find the peace he so seeked .. God Bless him and his family ..... I am Heartbroken ..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Second Life

I will do more on three of the displays listed below .. Just very busy in real life right now .. sigh ..
below visiting little Dickens (( as I did promise )) at the future Mark Twain display
then Mr Cleanslate's clever display
then the amazing work of Dear Ms Blak Opal
ahh followed by the extremely humble yet brilliant Young Master Loki and friends ...
also swung by Prim Perfect quite fun !!
ahhh then Back to the Fashion Display with WOW !!!
thanks for looking twirlssssssssssssssssssssssss Away !!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What a Wonderful Night !!!

Indeed it was the Grand Tour lll and once again Piermont Landing had the Honor to be part of it! Working with these people is with out a doubt a wonderful experience being friends with many of them only adds a most special memory to it all !!!

I want to give a most special thank YOU to the lovely Rose Springvale a very charming Lady always who makes me smile and always feel special !!!

Big smile this recap has been a bit of challenge to write ..
How does one thank so many for making everything so most special !!!
I shall first thank Dear Ms Annechen Lowey and Baron Klaus Wulfenbach and of course Fogwoman Grey !!!
This was the grand tour lll
Piermont Landing pulled out all the stops to give all an illusion and all a most fun and special night !!!
Thanks to each one of YOU due to each of You , I believe mission accomplished Indeed !!!!!
The Illusion was created by the most talented Mr .Eflod
My gown was a most special creation and surprise by the most creative Ms Blak Opal
The Silent Auctions created by Ms Kembri and Dear Canolli
A most special Plaque was given to all hosts by Miss Fogwoman Grey
Of course a Most special thank You to the Clockwinder who away or not was well aware of what was going on :)
To the wonderful Evil doctor O .. who is not only a good friend but a most creative One !!! To my dear friends Miss Serafina Puchkina who helps me so much with welcomes and her keen eye
and Bookworm Hendricks for taking photos and making some announcements ((warm smile )) To my dear friend Dr. Fabre .. who's kindness and understanding helps me to go on!
This was no easy event as the Grid was against all of us, with log ons all day a challenge and some still where not able to log on once the evening came .. DJ Bats always the professional working quietly and professionally with the grid's challenges in streaming Indeed Piermont Landing was most lucky as The Illusion Ball went on with out a hitch and we danced and danced ...

Oh then he showed .. and we ................................... all ................................. continued

To have fun and enjoy one another !!
A Silent Sparow's RFL gown for New Babbage .. Capt Red thank YOU so much for coming from the beach .. I hope you did not miss this soo Your color gown .. grinss
the gown did 5000L at the ball .. we raised over $28.000L and are well over $400,000.00L as a team .. with 114 people attending the ball this was indeed a very RFL event for New Babbage !
ah the prize list winners listed below .. *please note
I have not been world in long enough to pass these out but they are coming promise ..

Eugenia Burton
Viv Trafalgar
*Caladon Rae
*Onyx Plutonian
*Dracona Lisle
*Meadow McBride
*Tyger Freenote
*Christine McAllister
*Edward Pearse
*Bookworm Hienrichs
*Jimmy Branagh
*Myrtil Igaly
*Skyler Pooley
*Rose Springvale
*Serafina Puchkina
*Ceejay Writer
The Builds
with everything going with people's own work be it RFL or SLBD or role play and Real Life
never mind we knew a working hour glass was not an easy build
(( Special Thanks To Mr Greg Merryman ))
Quick thinking Doctor a couple of nights before came up with a clank decorating contest !
We almost died when dear Book posted the suggestion on the ning for photos .. we smiles and waited to the Ball and let dear Book open up and suggest the decorating contest to all right on the spot .. it was a wonderful success
Congrats to the winners
Kaylee Frye first Place
Searra Weatherwax second Place
Kat Montpark third Place
Greg Merryman (honorable Mention for his wonderful Hour Glass !!

Bats take a rest after going four hours straight !!
and people danced on and on (( Love that !! ))