Friday, June 26, 2009

As the Clocks Tick Tock In New Babbage ........

Oh My the dark dark dark Nights and Days of New Babbage
for as Much as I care for My dear Friend Dame Ceejay Writer and
Indeed My friend The Evil ((but oh so good)) ...Doctor O...
Gosh I miss the Moody Little Clock winder .. What to do ...What to do ... I know ..

Breezy ran to her close friend Ms Canolli and whispered her idea ..
With a raised eye Brow and an evil Grin The most talented Ms Canolli with a chuckle was off to work in her work shop..............and in no Time ...... Breezy did indeed Now need to wound !!!!!
For Now Breezy was prepared to deal with what ever the weekend would bring .. With butterfly gears and beating Red heart .. now with much lighter skin and a darker outlook (( well she has been hanging around dear Ms Canolli a lot .. grins .. Bring on the drama the dark and sparks ...
Indeed ... not too much longer now .. all shall be well !! For this is New Babbage and anything can happen to anyone I might I add .. Ah and the magic and creative Look out all .. Ms Canolli has a new line coming out .. big smile ... ahh but might that new Line .. ponders and grins ..
Breezy shall quietly sit by and observe and wait .. for all to die down and good to prevail but in the interim .. dare she have a wee bit of fun .. For there is nothing Like the characters and the Streets and stories deep in .... Cities of New Babbage ..
Clockwork Doll
I was a clockwork doll that night,
and I turned left and I turned right
and when I fell and broke to bits,
they recomposed my wax and wits.
I was a proper doll once more,
my manner carefully demure;
and yet a doll of another kind
an injured twig that tendrils bind.
And when they asked me to a ball
although my steps were rhythmical,
they partnered me with dog and cat.
My hair was gold, my eyes were blue.
I wore a dress where flowers grew.
Cherries blazed on my straw hat.
-- Dalia Ravikovitch
and coming in July .....
The Trilogy
Clockwork-Mechanical-Doll Formal Ball
The Alarm Clock Building Contest 30prim limit /Cash Lindens

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