Monday, June 8, 2009

Grand Hotel~Procol Harum

Long before Second Life and the Grid~ *Imagine* there was still much magic and many dreams ..
this was a song that found my heart and I would listen to...often .. It made me smile this evening ..
* I was a much younger dreamer back then and twirled too*
before I drift off into a deep peaceful sleep .. I give you ...Grand Hotel ..
by the most tumultuous Procol Harum ... ((smiles)) and happy twirlsssssssssssss
I love beautiful tulips and this melody ! thank You.. for looking ... *grins*

Tonight we sleep on silken sheets
We drink fine wine and eat rare meats
On Carousel and gambling stake
Our fortunes speed, and dissipate.
It's candlelight and chandelier,
It's silver plate and crystal clear.
It's serenade and Sarabande.
The nights we stay at Hotel Grand
Tonight we dine at Hotel Ritz.
(A golden dish with every wish ).
It's mirrored walls, and velvet drapes,Dry champagne, and bursting grapes.
Dover sole, and Oeufs Mornay,Profiteroles and Peach Flambe,
The waiters dance on fingertips
The nights we dine at Hotel Ritz
One more toast to greet the morn
The wine and dine have danced till dawn
Where's my Continental Bride?
We'll Continental slip and slide
Early morning pinch and bite
-(These French girls always like to fight)
It's serenade and Sarabande,
The nights we stay at Hotel Grand
Les nuits qu'on passe l'Hotel Grande.
---Procol Harum---
Grand Hotel

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