Thursday, June 25, 2009

The King of Pop Dead At Age 50

June 25Th 315pm Michael Jackson left this world ..... dead at the age of 50 .
1958- 2009
Won 13 Grammies
double Time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee
The King of Pop is gone and God Rest his most talented Heart and Soul !!!!!' He was a Dancer !!!
Make no doubt about it this Man ruled for 3 decades as the Jackson 5 in the 70's owned the 80's and 90's solo .. and tried so hard in 2001 to come back and was about to try to come back again..!!!!!
I highly suggest one takes the time to watch his last video Made in 2001 You Rock my World !!
Who else but Michael Jackson could nail Vincent Price in the 80s and Marlon Brando in 2001 before he passed .. I really need to say something even when it was not cool I loved his music It was the music I grew up on and always felt better With !!! We lost a Giant Today a true Giant !!!!!'

this was the 30th anniversary tv special (( perhaps the last performance of this family together)) 2007 *

performace 3oth aniversary 2007 .if anyone has any doubts about his moves ever .. sigh . check out the Legends before him that inspired him .. perhaps odd .. perhaps strange .. perhaps .. bizarre .. grant it ... freak show .. agreed !!! But he sure could put on a performace !!!!

But .... sigh ... Like it or not this is the stuff that true a Legend was made of .. looks down .. what a waist .. how sad .. there will never be another the magnitude the likes of this .. Great Talent .. The King of Pop ..... dead at 50 today !!! ...May he now have and find the peace he so seeked .. God Bless him and his family ..... I am Heartbroken ..

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