Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh Do Not Fly Away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hyasynth says:
The entire store is now mod/copy/notrans and totally on sale….new releases, old things…etc… I will be scarce but logging in to deal with store business once in a while, so do not fret, and I have some Charity obligations I will be attending to. despite being on very temp hiatus (meh I dislike that word). (also Koreshan Bake Sale this Saturday) wow. I obviously have really brilliant timing.
Come to the sale! ~
Ladies I give You Silent Sparrow's Latest ~Lottie~ now on sale for Fifty percent Off !!!!

With a weekend of Events and summer full of fun .. One can never have enough gowns and this does with come with a shorter skirt as well !!!
Take a moment from your builds .. role Plays .. Chores .. and stop By Silent Sparrow Today !!!
Be it a dramatic Look one seeks or just one of fun these gowns are amazing !!
Add some fun and flair to Your very own second life .. stare !!!
Ah I shall be wearing this very very soon .. a true keeper !!!!
Play with your hair .. add some flare have fun with these wonderful designs !!
The colors are all her best but the details on this collection caught my eye from the very start !!
Imagine and Look and gown and style that indeed has game !!
Be It the stunning black green Purple blue or my my the Red !!
ummm delightful .. envy she calls her green .. grins
the , twirls indeed ...

ahh but then came the blood .. yummy indeed !! Pure passion and details beyond from the jacket to the cape .. and gloves of course

Brought to YOU In Part by a friendly Sea Breeze and The Grand Tour III


Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

WOW! just gorgeous! you look good in EVERY gown darling, and you must *have* every gown! LOL and that sale! [gasps and clutches her pearls] HOW bloody tempting! Gah! [winks] it's a temptress you are!

Breezy Carver said...

*hugs* YOU Red (( gosh I adore when YOU do your signature "Gasps and Clutches of Your pearsl)) Love that !!!!

Wait till you see the gown she is making for Relay for Life for New Babbage (( screams you name hun went for a good Red shade honest :) )) .. I do try to keep you in my mind (( away from the purples and pinks although YOU would look stunning In Pink dear !! i know i know red head thing grins .. )) enjoy the beach dearest Capt .. and I shall keep tempting YOU cause cause its soo much fun !!! twirlsssssssssss away .. :)