Monday, June 8, 2009

Primgraph at The Landing and The Lotus

Piermont is going thru some Special transformations for The Grand Tour ..
I really wanted to get the Clockwinder's ok on this be he took his own well deserved vacation and decided take the risk to try it out for the Primgraph Release ..
I do think it thus far is quite special ...
Thank YOU Mr Elfod !! .. who worked several evenings to achieve this illussion
I tried to the best I could *smile* I believe all enjoyed and were content ..
The kudos seemed to flow for the well deserved Staff of the Primgraph
The staff of the Primgraph, seemed to be happy and enjoying themselves !!
all in all it do believe it went well ..
Of course the heart of the Landing is My Dear Friend Mr DJ Bats who makes each event a most special Memory always !!
pssst (( he really wasn't there but all happy *Mr Cleanslate* made it back safe ))
A special part of the event for me A moment with a smile With Miss Kaylee (thank You for coming !!) ..
This photo was a gift from Miss Mare .. meeting her and Ms Storyteller was a very nice welcomed delight !
I believe the ladies enjoyed themselves and were a tad surprised as well *grins* !!
Then it was time for the Lotus .. with music streams and dance machines
to be put in place and many welcomes to tend to ..
These events move fast and I do try to get as many as I can in a private warm im welcome ..
well I do not harass .. just a warm than YOU for coming ..
these photos where an amazing gift and surprise from my special dear Friend Ms Layne Andrews she was having so much fun shooting and sharing them !!! (grins)
Indeed the Lotus did come alive with music provided by Mr Elric Merlin.. it was a grand event and all seemed to enjoy themselves In my beloved Lotus built by Ms Kandace Commons .
Sorry about the Lag .. not something we ever really experience at 100m under the Sea !!
and No the Sim did not crash .. But the attendance was High !
This was a surprise gift to me from Mr PJ .. WoW ..
sometimes we do not recognized ourselves yes ??
This was a special event and something I have wished to try out for sometime ..
I shall do another venue here .. very very .. soon .. warm smile !!!

Ah and after many warm welcomes and greetings .. For a moment in time ..Indeed Breezy took a break to have her very own first dance ever deep under the Sea in her Lotus with a most special close friend and compaƱero ... Thank YOU Sir ... Twirlssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss and thank you to all that attended to help Make the Primgraph's launch Most Special and memorable for them I am Sure !!


Viv Trafalgar said...

Breezy, your events are pure wonder and delight. This one was no exception. The new floors at Piermont are stunning, and the Lotus was fantastic. Bats was marvelous. The positioning of the dance balls makes the gears very easy to find, no matter what - Thank you for being such a gracious and elegant hostess as always.

Breezy Carver said...

/me smiles .. thank You Viv!
I am pleased you enjoyed it all !