Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What a Wonderful Night !!!

Indeed it was the Grand Tour lll and once again Piermont Landing had the Honor to be part of it! Working with these people is with out a doubt a wonderful experience being friends with many of them only adds a most special memory to it all !!!

I want to give a most special thank YOU to the lovely Rose Springvale a very charming Lady always who makes me smile and always feel special !!!

Big smile this recap has been a bit of challenge to write ..
How does one thank so many for making everything so most special !!!
I shall first thank Dear Ms Annechen Lowey and Baron Klaus Wulfenbach and of course Fogwoman Grey !!!
This was the grand tour lll
Piermont Landing pulled out all the stops to give all an illusion and all a most fun and special night !!!
Thanks to each one of YOU due to each of You , I believe mission accomplished Indeed !!!!!
The Illusion was created by the most talented Mr .Eflod
My gown was a most special creation and surprise by the most creative Ms Blak Opal
The Silent Auctions created by Ms Kembri and Dear Canolli
A most special Plaque was given to all hosts by Miss Fogwoman Grey
Of course a Most special thank You to the Clockwinder who away or not was well aware of what was going on :)
To the wonderful Evil doctor O .. who is not only a good friend but a most creative One !!! To my dear friends Miss Serafina Puchkina who helps me so much with welcomes and her keen eye
and Bookworm Hendricks for taking photos and making some announcements ((warm smile )) To my dear friend Dr. Fabre .. who's kindness and understanding helps me to go on!
This was no easy event as the Grid was against all of us, with log ons all day a challenge and some still where not able to log on once the evening came .. DJ Bats always the professional working quietly and professionally with the grid's challenges in streaming Indeed Piermont Landing was most lucky as The Illusion Ball went on with out a hitch and we danced and danced ...

Oh then he showed .. and we ................................... all ................................. continued

To have fun and enjoy one another !!
A Silent Sparow's RFL gown for New Babbage .. Capt Red thank YOU so much for coming from the beach .. I hope you did not miss this soo Your color gown .. grinss
the gown did 5000L at the ball .. we raised over $28.000L and are well over $400,000.00L as a team .. with 114 people attending the ball this was indeed a very RFL event for New Babbage !
ah the prize list winners listed below .. *please note
I have not been world in long enough to pass these out but they are coming promise ..

Eugenia Burton
Viv Trafalgar
*Caladon Rae
*Onyx Plutonian
*Dracona Lisle
*Meadow McBride
*Tyger Freenote
*Christine McAllister
*Edward Pearse
*Bookworm Hienrichs
*Jimmy Branagh
*Myrtil Igaly
*Skyler Pooley
*Rose Springvale
*Serafina Puchkina
*Ceejay Writer
The Builds
with everything going with people's own work be it RFL or SLBD or role play and Real Life
never mind we knew a working hour glass was not an easy build
(( Special Thanks To Mr Greg Merryman ))
Quick thinking Doctor a couple of nights before came up with a clank decorating contest !
We almost died when dear Book posted the suggestion on the ning for photos .. we smiles and waited to the Ball and let dear Book open up and suggest the decorating contest to all right on the spot .. it was a wonderful success
Congrats to the winners
Kaylee Frye first Place
Searra Weatherwax second Place
Kat Montpark third Place
Greg Merryman (honorable Mention for his wonderful Hour Glass !!

Bats take a rest after going four hours straight !!
and people danced on and on (( Love that !! ))

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Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

My dear Lady Skusting,

I am not sure I have ever seen Piermont Landing look lovelier. Danke for all your hard work, and your efforts for RFL as well.