Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chitty Chitty ~ No Road Tax or Water Toll ~ Yay !

ah a quiet peaceful early Sunday morning on the grid .. One of Breezy's favorite times
to gather thoughts,explore, tidy up inventory .. etc ..ahh the attire this fine morning
an ensemble called "Sunrise" how fitting aye ! From Miss Sonnatta .. but pardon Breezy for a Moment or let's say the rest of blog ..
An adventure that's what is needed .. Off to New Babbage With Breezy
care to join her ???
*grins* and here she is ..((in front of her beloved Piermont Landing))
driving her very own ......
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang !!!
Yes Yes the one and Only Chitty !!!!
Beep Beep and aways she goesss ......... hehehe ....
A little tight here .. one must pay attention, no multi tasking
and slow going is a must, as one so doesn't want to crash into the canals
hummm Breezy is thinking maybe best to fly over to the Port ...
up and up and away. Clicks on Trunk to hear the song ... weeeeeeeeeeeeee
Yikes !!!! Port side it is .. hehehe !!!!!
Ah that's better a right click to loose the wings and left click..
Breezy is ready for the big big Sea
Ohhh pretty see the reflection ... graphic card is dandy ..
Perhaps now is a good time to share some fun stats on the Car ..
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!
Originally a children's book by Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, this car is perhaps best known from the MGM feature film of the same name. Staring Dick Van Dyke, and featuring several musical numbers written by the Sherman Brothers, it is often mistaken for a Disney film. Released in 1968, the movie is about crackpot inventor Caractacus Potts, his two children, and his love interest Truly Scrumptious, and their adventures in the car he built, which was named Chitty Chitty Bang Bang after the distinctive sound of it's engine.

For more information, see:
This car has been carefully built to closely resemble the car from the film, and should be perfect in every detail. It has three modes of travel, just as in the film, capable of flight, ground driving, and boating.
This vehicle is comprised of two parts, the (rez) and the (wear). The (rez) part should be rezzed on the ground. Then the driver should sit on the (rez) object, and wear the (wear) object from his inventory.
The car defaults to drive mode. To switch modes, press Shift-Right for flight mode, and Shift-Left for boat mode. Pressing them again will go back to drive mode. Please note that you CANNOT switch directly from boat to flight, and vice versa.
You must press the key combo again to go back to Drive mode first.
Standard driving mode uses the arrow keys for movement, and Page Up and Page Down for controlling the gears. (You may also use WASD if you so wish). Boat mode controls much the same way, except it only has one speed. Flight mode controls like other standard SL aircraft, with the arrow keys controlling pitch and banking, and the throttle set with Page Up and Page Down.
"/3 l" will turn the lights on and off.
Click the horn bulb to give it a quick toot.
And finally, clicking on the trunk will play the theme song from the film.

Off into the sunset Dear Breezy goes .. What a fun fun Adventure !!
Thanks for taking a peek .. cya next time . beep beep... and... wavesss


Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Excellent photos - next time I'll bring the picnic basket!

Breezy Carver said...

*smiles* aww delightful idea YOU !!!

Edward Pearse said...

And who is the manufacturer of this amazing beastie?

Wonderful photos!

Breezy Carver said...

Ah forgive me Duke .. a
Mr. Michael Dumont :)