Cupid's Rose From Lady Kembri Tomsen

Something about a new Dress ... smiles ...
but a new dress done in detail from true history .. now that is quite special
Close your eyes drift into the silent day.
Listen to the distant rain soothe your soul.
Kiss the vanilla sky. Touch the heavens.
Dance beautifully in the palm of my hand.
Soak your heart in the pond of lasting love,
Wish upon the stars that this will never end
and now a few words about The history of the Famous Worth Gown Couture ... from
Lady Kembri Tomsen
The Curious Seamstress
GreenWood Designs
" This gown, Cupid's Rose,
is inspired by a House of Worth gown from about 1905. I saw the original gown and loved the elegant lines of it. The amazing color was a plus too! What woman doesn't want a killer scarlet crimson gown? It appears simplistic, but in reality it has all the things that made a Worth gown the best. The cut and type of material, velvet and satin with some tulle at the breast and the quality workmanship, what a simply stunning gown! The current gown is squirreled safely away in a museum collection. It hasn't seen the light of day in decades, but you can see it now! As always, it's not an exact replica, but it's darn close! "

"About House of Worth, at this point in time in 1905, Jean-Philippe Worth was in charge of the design portion of the business. His father, Charles Frederick, had passed away in 1895. Jean-Philippe (1856–1926) and his brother, Gaston-Lucien (1853–1924), ran the house successfully after Charles Frederick's death. Though, Gaston was reportedly the money manager and Jean-Philippe was the designer. Jean's gowns had their own flare and style, and times where rapidly changing. This was the Edwardian Age, King Edward would be on the throne only until 1911 before suddenly dying. It was the height of the Opulant Era in both clothing and wealth. A gown like Cupid's Rose was worn by some lovely woman who danced in the arms of her handsome escort amid strains of a waltz, gaslight flickering as the feathers of her hairpiece swayed gently. Elegant, refined, and gowned in Worth, she was indeed, Cupid's Rose
House of Worth finally closed in the 1952, when Charles Frederick's grandson, Charles-Jean, retired from the family business. However, the legacy of the House of Worth lives on in museums and private collections around the globe. "

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