~Chocolate Cogs & Gears ~

Happy Valentines Day !!!!!
And now for some Virtual fun thanks To Dear Mme Elleon Bergamasco
and adorable and most creative conversational Chocolates !!!

Mme Bergamasco's Chocolatier located @


but lets go inside shall we ...

Look how thoughtful .. Customer Service always at its finest with Our Mme Elle

Mme Bergamasco's Chocolatier located @


Once Inside decisions decisions .. There are nothing but the finest in dark chocolate conversational confections "Chocolat du Amour"
"The Clockworker Special"
confectionery connectors ..
"Chocolate Rose"
"Chocolate lolli pops"
"Cogs and Hearts"

Oh My what to pick and send hummmmmm

makes note to check back early for bunny & our Clockwinder's favorite Peep Season


Oh and each box has a most thoughtful note !!!

Thank you for sampling Mme Bergamascos extraordinary confections!
Each package contains a box that can be held in the hand while you are carrying the box of special chocolates to deliver them, or once you have recieved a box~to carry with you and enjoy. Another box is to set out on a table to share, or just to enjoy yourself.
{ The box ending with -T is for Table and -H is for Hand}
The boxes are Mod/Trans. Mod so you can add the name of the recipient in the description box if you like ( a small detail, but ... it's the details that appeal)
I do hope you enjoy!
Mme E. Bergamasco


Happy Valentine's Day

Cya next time .. smiles and wavesssssssssssss

Happy Twirlsss