Mahalia, Springfield Gardens ~ Such Beauty~

With all the viewers ((Snow globe, Emerald, ah yes and Now our very own game of "Second Life Concentration" with the release of Beta 2)) of second life , Breezy must hand it to LL for sharing some stunning Sims on The Grid .. This Homestead , Mahalia, Springfield Gardens is quite moving ..
Breezy saw it and clicked on the landmark as she just had to explore ((a few times to be honest)
but it is the touching story that goes with the Homestead Sim that warmed Breezy's heart !
Welcome to Mahalia
Bhelle and Connie's paradiso. We built and lived in it. Bhelle has now left SL but this will always be Mahalia to me. . Home to Janey and Squirly too. Please be nice
Mahalia, Springfield Gardens (201, 64, 22)
Smiles .. Indeed Breezy spends a great deal of her own time with fashion
but to be honest many of these privately owned Sims are just quite detailed designs in architectural fashion all their own !!!
It is with humble joy Breezy shares her finds to those who wish to explore and enjoy something quite special most touching and very Beautiful !!!
The grid has so much to offer each one of us !!!
That is one of the many many special parts of Second Life !!
Sharing creative and giving to all that wish to appreciate !!
Breezy is most grateful and so enjoys the many wonderful artists and builders
that do this
The love and hearts as well as passion on this Homestead Sim can so be felt !!
Thanks for stopping by .. cya next time ... smiles ..