Sunday, February 28, 2010

*Drama* A Fashion Statement !!!

"...Drama is life with the dull bits cut out..." (A. Hitchcock)
Grins ... It is also a stunning creative in art form in this case a gown to be remembered !!!

*Drama* Created by Miss Sonnatta Morales is simply put "Breathless"
Note her details to the back alone .. Just stunning !!!
*owner and designer of Sonatta Morales Weird Couture*
Sonatta Morales Vintage Haute Couture

Breezy does not know this fabulous designer alas, she does recall her from a year ago and she keeps adding wonderful vintage period couture to her Line .. smiles ..
Style is a fun and creative gift so many take for granted ..
One can wear a gown but in the same right , One can own the gown
and ware it quite well !!
It is really up to YOU ..
Here on the grid ((or in real life)) Breezy enjoys fashion and can loose hours with it ..
grins .. silly perhaps but a true virtual passion and respect with high regard to the periods and each of the designers and creative in their designs .. It is an endless enjoyable journey for some of us !!
thank YOU for stopping by .. cya next time .. smiles .. and *good* Vogue to all
Breezy leaves you with a pro a true Brilliant "Dramatic" Actress ..

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