Monday, February 8, 2010

Evening Primrose Brought to SL By Miss Kembri Tomsen

As Breezy continues with her second life clothing ideas for Valentines .. this evenings choice is
Evening Primrose Brought to SL By Miss Kembri Tomsen. As always no one can say or describe her deatailed beautiful creative of authentic history better then Miss Kembri's own words
"This gown is made of heavy pink satin with detailed embroidery. Lace at the shoulders supports the satin panels for the main dress, and bead work trims the hemline. This is truly a very feminine dress.
The gown, Evening Primrose, is inspired by a gown that is now in a museum archive. The original gown is not on display, but a lot of the details of that gown can be seen in this one. It is not an exact copy due to SL vagaries and how clothing is made in here. However, it's darn close!
Now a word about Callot Soeurs.

The House of Callot Soeurs was a couture house, which began in Paris in 1895 as a shop selling ribbons and lingerie. To enter their store was said to be like entering Aladin's cave. Satins, silks, velvets, lace and more lace. The daughters of a lace maker and an antique dealer, the young women had a unique set of skills and an appreciation for fine things. There are conflicting reports, but "The Fashion Book" by Phaidon states there were four sisters. Marie, Marthe, Regina, and Josephine. Marie was the leader, and the House of Callot Soeurs was a contemporary of the House of Worth. They created unique gowns using such materials as Chinese silks and antique lace.

Their designs often reflected an influence from the 18th century, with panniers and pointed bodices. In the 1920's, Oreintalism was a heavy influence on the House designs. In 1928 Marie's son took over the running of the House of Callot and ran it for another decade. In 1937 the House of Callot Soeurs merged with the House of Calvet, but both finally closed in 1948. Any gowns from the House of Callot Soeurs that comes onto the open market today is rare indeed, as the garments are still highly prized for their beauty and workmanship. The vast majority of the surviving gowns reside in museum collections around the world.
I hope you enjoy the gown and undergarments.
Cordially yours,
Kembri Tomsen
The Curious Seamstress
GreenWood Designs

a song comes to breezy's mind .. i leave the post with it and seal with the proper credits to most special creative artist .. Miss Kembri Tomsen *hugs* ..
thank You for stopping by ..
Evening Primrose
By John Clare
When once the sun sinks in the west,
And dewdrops pearl the evening's breast;
Almost as pale as moonbeams are,
Or its companionable star,
The evening primrose opes anew
Its delicate blossoms to the dew;
And, hermit-like, shunning the light,
Wastes its fair bloom upon the night,
Who, blindfold to its fond caresses,
Knows not the beauty it possesses;
Thus it blooms on while night is by;
When day looks out with open eye,
Bashed at the gaze it cannot shun,
It faints and withers and is gone.

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