Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grims Bros Presents* Another Alice*

*Grins* @ Grim Bros ... This is the fantasy and so much fun ..
Miss Cutea has done it again with her own vision of ..
"Another Alice"
Complete with "The White Rabbit" Attachment .. *heh*
This is a full boxed set .. with two skirts ((stripes*bonus* or solid))
two pairs of stockings ..adorable Mary Jane shoes... white hair bow .. panties and all the trims ..
ahh yes and don't forget the "The White Rabbit" grins ..
yep this Alice plays checkers .. (( laughs))
The lace and textures on this ensemble such beauty and saucy fun !!!
Wear the Fantasy and have ... Grim Bros does it again
with her most special signature humor and sassy design !!!!
Don't forget

"to remember what the door mouse said ...."
"Feed your head"
as always thanks for stopping by .. cya next time ..

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