Monday, February 22, 2010

Merry for Dance from RP Rfyre Couture

Greetings ... This is a special gown . Created by Miss Raven part of her RP Rfyre Couture Line
Miss Raven gifted Breezy the gown for Christmas and Breezy was thrilled
The gown is called "Merry" and was created for Miss Japan ,a top ten Virtual World contestant
now on sale at RP Couture at The House of RFyre

The flow and color of the textures are most eloquent !
*grins* the perfect gown for the drama of the Virtual Dance..
"Care for an evening of Tangos My Dear" ???
Oh Yes !!

The Magic is always in dance ..... with *The Right Partner* of course
*smiles* thank You for stopping by, cya next time

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Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

The lady in the video is almost as graceful as you are, Breezy.