Sunday, February 7, 2010

*Pretty In Pink* Lucky Chair *Silent Sparrow*

Ok who didn't love duckie in "Pretty in Pink" ......grins ....
and this scene was quite the favorite in the day !!!!
that be the 80s ..
and now today Miss Hya has created this adorable collection for her members
Breezy was lucky first trip low and behold a "B" on da bird ..
but she did purchase a back up @ just 250.00 lindens
its just too cute to have sl eat up ..
New Twittery Lucky Bird Set – Rose
""Yes, It’s PINK. Really, I haven’t entirely lost it!. It_is_also pretty.
Group Only Lucky Bird is in the back of the shop in his giant birdcage.
Happy Haunting.
(those with a burning NEED for pink & not wanting to wait for the graces of the evil bird, may also purchase the set for 250L)

It is darling and Thank YOU Hya !!!!
I have added the hat and altered Breezy's stockings to white ..
smiles a breezy thing to keep her New Babbage cleaners busy you know ..
A Valentine Thought ....
True tenderness is silent
and can't be mistaken for anything else.

*smiles*....... @ My Magnificent Spanish all American Translator

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