Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To-a-T 'Daughter of Shanghai'

Miss Terry Lightfoot has done it again .. This modest , fun ,always original in her own creative, designer Has created a most beautiful and clever look.. A- 1882 Victorian Kimono Bustle Asian Steam punk Look to it Gown - Results =Stunning !!!!! Breath taking !!! For Starts!! Available In Steelhead Shanghai
Please Allow me to quote Miss Terry....

"Enjoy your To-a-T 'Daughter of Shanghai' - 1882 Victorian Kimono Bustle Dress.
Wearing options & suggestions(PLEASE read, it will help!):
Inspired by the thought of "What would Asian Steam punk look like?", I made this dress, combined with the narrow bustle styles of the early 1880's(which I love). Being that Valentines was around the corner, China Red seemed to be the obvious color.
There are various ways to wear this, with the bustle or without. There are 3 parts to the bottom ruffles that should ALWAYS be worn when wearing the bustle. Otherwise the bustle will look incomplete. 'A' pieces are the bustle piece and REQUIRE the 'B' pieces that are it's bottom ruffle. Wear all 'A' pieces WITH the 'B' pieces together, or 'A' won't look right!. However, You can wear the 'B' pieces without the 'A' for an Edwardian fishtail look."

"As for tops and bottoms there are too many variations to go into it. I usually try to provide as many levels of clothing as I can so that you may combine with other outfits as well. Have a play!
There are two collars, one plain and one to wear with the lace blouse. There's a little decolletage rose to wear as well, just for flirty fun.
It also looks good when down to the basic system skirt if you need a low lag outfit that still looks great."

"Please note all items are No Transfer unless otherwise noted. I do not give refunds on No Transfer items. This means you cannot transfer the items to someone else. If you need a gift please IM me. Also, some of the server based vendors do offer gifting options.
Please enjoy your To-a-T purchase!
Terry Lightfoot
As always Miss Terry gives each of us so many looks . This gown is a most original design. One will so enjoy making the trip to Steelhead's Spectacular Shanghai Sim and have the fun in the purchase
and then more adventures each time one wears it !!!
I have tried to show a few of the many looks one can wear with this amazing ensemble
The textures rich, the style sooty and most beautiful and the location of it inspiration is unquestionably a most unforgettable Sim !!!
for more info on the one of Kind Steelhead Shanghai
I refer you to my Steam land neighbor and friend's wonderful own delightful blog
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Cya next time
smiles and wavesssssssssss and a few secret gardens twirlssss


Rhianon Jameson said...

Thank you, Miss Breezy, for that mention. You look lovely in Miss Lightfoot's creation!

(My small contribution was really supposed to run tomorrow, but I got confused on dates, and Blogger is unforgiving about pulling back posts once you've pushed the "Publish" button!)

Breezy Carver said...

Aww you are most kind Miss Rhianon
Thank YOU !!

I understand on the posts of "publish" button .. grins ..
I was soo tickled with this gown..however only saw your own lovely blog after I had shot the photos for mine .. soo .. i just decided to keep breezy in the garden and give you credit to the city !!!!