Sunday, February 28, 2010

*Drama* A Fashion Statement !!!

"...Drama is life with the dull bits cut out..." (A. Hitchcock)
Grins ... It is also a stunning creative in art form in this case a gown to be remembered !!!

*Drama* Created by Miss Sonnatta Morales is simply put "Breathless"
Note her details to the back alone .. Just stunning !!!
*owner and designer of Sonatta Morales Weird Couture*
Sonatta Morales Vintage Haute Couture

Breezy does not know this fabulous designer alas, she does recall her from a year ago and she keeps adding wonderful vintage period couture to her Line .. smiles ..
Style is a fun and creative gift so many take for granted ..
One can wear a gown but in the same right , One can own the gown
and ware it quite well !!
It is really up to YOU ..
Here on the grid ((or in real life)) Breezy enjoys fashion and can loose hours with it ..
grins .. silly perhaps but a true virtual passion and respect with high regard to the periods and each of the designers and creative in their designs .. It is an endless enjoyable journey for some of us !!
thank YOU for stopping by .. cya next time .. smiles .. and *good* Vogue to all
Breezy leaves you with a pro a true Brilliant "Dramatic" Actress ..

Chitty Chitty ~ No Road Tax or Water Toll ~ Yay !

ah a quiet peaceful early Sunday morning on the grid .. One of Breezy's favorite times
to gather thoughts,explore, tidy up inventory .. etc ..ahh the attire this fine morning
an ensemble called "Sunrise" how fitting aye ! From Miss Sonnatta .. but pardon Breezy for a Moment or let's say the rest of blog ..
An adventure that's what is needed .. Off to New Babbage With Breezy
care to join her ???
*grins* and here she is ..((in front of her beloved Piermont Landing))
driving her very own ......
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang !!!
Yes Yes the one and Only Chitty !!!!
Beep Beep and aways she goesss ......... hehehe ....
A little tight here .. one must pay attention, no multi tasking
and slow going is a must, as one so doesn't want to crash into the canals
hummm Breezy is thinking maybe best to fly over to the Port ...
up and up and away. Clicks on Trunk to hear the song ... weeeeeeeeeeeeee
Yikes !!!! Port side it is .. hehehe !!!!!
Ah that's better a right click to loose the wings and left click..
Breezy is ready for the big big Sea
Ohhh pretty see the reflection ... graphic card is dandy ..
Perhaps now is a good time to share some fun stats on the Car ..
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!
Originally a children's book by Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, this car is perhaps best known from the MGM feature film of the same name. Staring Dick Van Dyke, and featuring several musical numbers written by the Sherman Brothers, it is often mistaken for a Disney film. Released in 1968, the movie is about crackpot inventor Caractacus Potts, his two children, and his love interest Truly Scrumptious, and their adventures in the car he built, which was named Chitty Chitty Bang Bang after the distinctive sound of it's engine.

For more information, see:
This car has been carefully built to closely resemble the car from the film, and should be perfect in every detail. It has three modes of travel, just as in the film, capable of flight, ground driving, and boating.
This vehicle is comprised of two parts, the (rez) and the (wear). The (rez) part should be rezzed on the ground. Then the driver should sit on the (rez) object, and wear the (wear) object from his inventory.
The car defaults to drive mode. To switch modes, press Shift-Right for flight mode, and Shift-Left for boat mode. Pressing them again will go back to drive mode. Please note that you CANNOT switch directly from boat to flight, and vice versa.
You must press the key combo again to go back to Drive mode first.
Standard driving mode uses the arrow keys for movement, and Page Up and Page Down for controlling the gears. (You may also use WASD if you so wish). Boat mode controls much the same way, except it only has one speed. Flight mode controls like other standard SL aircraft, with the arrow keys controlling pitch and banking, and the throttle set with Page Up and Page Down.
"/3 l" will turn the lights on and off.
Click the horn bulb to give it a quick toot.
And finally, clicking on the trunk will play the theme song from the film.

Off into the sunset Dear Breezy goes .. What a fun fun Adventure !!
Thanks for taking a peek .. cya next time . beep beep... and... wavesss

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The "Roxie" from Miss Kembri Tomsen

Greetings ... Breezy is wearing Miss Kembri Tomsen's latest creation
The "Roxie" an 1920 smoking evening gown !!!!
Notice the head piece .. there are two included but Breezy stayed with this one to show it's delightful sassy detail...
The look is hot and classy .. a fun and eloquent delightful creation brought to second life by Miss Kembri from once again a real live gown .. as always please allow me to quote Miss Kembri ...
and thank you so much for your purchase of this gown! It is based on a real gown as always. I adore the lace at the hips, and I have to say that it's a darn sexy dress too! Those little lace swags make a man want to reach out and play with them! The first time I wore this one out in public, my escort said 'whoa' when I materialized. I was pretty sure that was man speak for 'hubba hubba!',

The gown is of velvet, the swags of a gorgeous lace, and the head piece is based on a period piece. Now about this head piece.... it has a resizing script in it. It is a deletable script. You can do a few things, you can wear a hair that you can size down so it peeks around the edges of the piece, or you can forgo the head piece totally.Cordially yours,"
Kembri Tomsen
The Curious Seamstress
GreenWood Designs
extra note from Miss Kembri
" I've given two head pieces, one with the domed top, and one without. Why? To give you reasonable options of course! When you're done sizing them, just use the delete button on the blue menu to get rid of the scripts."
Once again stunning fun period Undergarments included ..
A more on the most powerful 1920's era ..
The 1920s was the decade in which fashion entered the modern era. It was the decade in which women first liberated themselves from constricting fashions and began to wear more comfortable clothes (such as short skirts or pants). Men likewise abandoned overly formal clothes and began to wear sport clothes for the first time. The suits which men wear today are still based, for the most part, on those which were worn by men in the late 1920s.

The 1920s were characterized by two distinct periods of fashion. The early 1920s where nature and change progressed slowly as many were reluctant to adopt the new styles. From 1925, the styles that have been associated with the Roaring Twenties were passionately embraced by the public and would continue to characterize fashion until early in 1932

More on the 1920s soon .. smiles
thank YOU for stopping by .. cya next time ..
wavesssssssssss and twirlsssss and turn .. turn !!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Mahalia, Springfield Gardens ~ Such Beauty~

With all the viewers ((Snow globe, Emerald, ah yes and Now our very own game of "Second Life Concentration" with the release of Beta 2)) of second life , Breezy must hand it to LL for sharing some stunning Sims on The Grid .. This Homestead , Mahalia, Springfield Gardens is quite moving ..
Breezy saw it and clicked on the landmark as she just had to explore ((a few times to be honest)
but it is the touching story that goes with the Homestead Sim that warmed Breezy's heart !
Welcome to Mahalia
Bhelle and Connie's paradiso. We built and lived in it. Bhelle has now left SL but this will always be Mahalia to me. . Home to Janey and Squirly too. Please be nice
Mahalia, Springfield Gardens (201, 64, 22)
Smiles .. Indeed Breezy spends a great deal of her own time with fashion
but to be honest many of these privately owned Sims are just quite detailed designs in architectural fashion all their own !!!
It is with humble joy Breezy shares her finds to those who wish to explore and enjoy something quite special most touching and very Beautiful !!!
The grid has so much to offer each one of us !!!
That is one of the many many special parts of Second Life !!
Sharing creative and giving to all that wish to appreciate !!
Breezy is most grateful and so enjoys the many wonderful artists and builders
that do this
The love and hearts as well as passion on this Homestead Sim can so be felt !!
Thanks for stopping by .. cya next time ... smiles ..

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grims Bros Presents* Another Alice*

*Grins* @ Grim Bros ... This is the fantasy and so much fun ..
Miss Cutea has done it again with her own vision of ..
"Another Alice"
Complete with "The White Rabbit" Attachment .. *heh*
This is a full boxed set .. with two skirts ((stripes*bonus* or solid))
two pairs of stockings ..adorable Mary Jane shoes... white hair bow .. panties and all the trims ..
ahh yes and don't forget the "The White Rabbit" grins ..
yep this Alice plays checkers .. (( laughs))
The lace and textures on this ensemble such beauty and saucy fun !!!
Wear the Fantasy and have ... Grim Bros does it again
with her most special signature humor and sassy design !!!!
Don't forget

"to remember what the door mouse said ...."
"Feed your head"
as always thanks for stopping by .. cya next time ..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The lovely gown Haromonia By~ GWD ~

Ah from the hands of Miss Kembri Tomsen of The Curious Seamstress
She has been busy ladies ..
She has named This lovely gown Haromonia and it is inpsired by an early 1900 gown
done by Liberty of London

But please allow Breezy to quote her dear cousin in her very own words ..
and thank you for your purchase! It is greatly appreciated.
Haromonia is inpsired by an early 1900 gown done by Liberty of London. The gown itself is in a museum collection and hidden away from the public. However, I saw this one and fell in love with the graceful sweep of the heavy satin, and the intricate braidwork. It really is a gorgeous gown and trying to capture the shimmer of the satin was a challenge for me. I have to add that I felt this gown was not only a beautiful, intriguing bit ball gown, but could be a wedding gown as well. The color is right, as is the material, though I will admit the neckline might be a bit daring for some brides."

"I named it after the goddess Harmonia, who is the mother of the Muses in some very ancient stories. There are what appear to be laurel leaves in the details of this gown, and the simple but elegant cut reminded me very much of Greece.
This gown also serves as a frame for nearly any kind of jewelry. For a head piece I would suggest a diadem or tiara, with fitting and matching jewels. You could also go very simple with none at all or a simple feather. The choices are nearly endless and very individual. I really hope you enjoy this gorgeous gown.
There are resizing scripts in the skirts. The train is a mod piece so you can adjust it as you wish."
take care!
Cordially yours,
Kembri Tomsen
The Curuious Seamstress
of GreenWood Designs

thank You for stopping by ... smile..cya next time ..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Relay For Life of Second Life releases new-style event boards

Press release

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 - For immediate release
Relay For Life of Second Life releases new-style event boards

Moonshade Pastorelli writes:

Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) is about to hit the grid. A new event board makes it easier than ever to list, promote, and discover events during the 16 weeks of fundraising. The RFL of SL 2010 campaign kicks off Saturday, March 13.
Some of the events to look out for during the campaign are races, DJ parties, live music marathons, fashion shows, and rodeos. A popular event is "Bid Me Bald." For every L$5,000 a team member raises, she or he must go bald for one day.

"I want everyone to be aware of the event boards--to touch them, to enjoy the fantastic events that the RFL teams put on," said Panza Eilde, RFL of SL teams chair. "There's joy in sharing the conviction to raise funds for research that will help people overcome cancer. We want people to come to events, socialize with others, and raise funds for a good cause. We want to hit that $300,000 US donation mark this year."

Event boards were created to publicly display images of upcoming events that support RFL. Clicking any image on the event board will provide a note card with information about the event, when it will be held, where it will be held, and who's holding the event. With a possible 40 events per week over 16 weeks, the event boards will be able to cycle through a series of images. The American Cancer Society (ACS) logo or mission posters will also randomly appear on faces of the displayer. Click these images, and the viewer is taken to a web page for more information about ACS and RFL.

Click on the banner at the top of the displayer and a blue menu appears with options that the owner can set, such as change the speed of the texture cycle, remove events that conflict with the owner's local events, and offer a copy of the displayer itself.

"One of the neatest things about the event boards is that the team captains can post their events in one location and with continuity," Eilde said.
To place an event in the displayer, RFL team members visit the middle floor of the warehouse at ACS Island. An in-box on a desk accepts a square, full-perm texture and a copy and resell/giveaway note card that contains particulars about the team event. The event image hits the displayer within one to two hours, and an e-mail is sent to the public relations team to get news about the event to various SL media. The event is also shown on the RFL of SL web page. When an event is over, it is automatically deleted. Teams are asked to place an event in the in-box no more than 10 days before it begins.

The new event boards were created by Charlene Trudeau, RFL of SL design committee chair, and the board itself was conceived and created by Dwen Dooley, RFL of SL survivor/caregiver chair and himself a cancer survivor.
"The idea of the design is that the displayers should all have the same look and feel so they're not confused as being anything other than an official RFL of SL event board for the ACS," Dooley said.

Event boards can be set up anywhere on the SL grid and are available in a variety of styles and sizes: a two-prim one-face displayer, a four-prim three-face displayer, a six-prim six-face displayer, and a 10-prim nine-face displayer. Most of the displays come in small, medium, and large; however, the one-face event board is also available in tiny. The largest displayer, with nine-faces, stands 6.5 meters tall and 5 meters wide. The six-face event board has three faces on each of two sides and is ideal for locations, such malls or outdoor settings. The other event boards can be easily set up on a wall.

"Even amidst the competitiveness of Relay For Life, there's a camaraderie," Dooley said. "We're all fighting cancer in one way or another. Celebrate, remember, and fight back. I think that's the best feature of this event board. A team associated with a venue will put out one of these displayers, and it will stay there and show the events for all teams, not just one. It will display events at different places and different times. It will improve fundraising for everyone. People will start coming to more events, and those people who don't know about RFL of SL will come to the events."

Tayzia Abattoir, event chair, said: “I am excited about new technology and whenever we can find uses for it to better our in-world program. This is a wonderful new informational outreach opportunity created by Dwen. He has worked many hours perfecting the event board and it is an exciting new tool for our RFL of SL program.

“It will make it much easier for team captains to get the information about their events out, not only from the listing on the event board itself, but also as the information fed into the system about their events is generated to our PR group to release to media outlets and list on our google calendar etc.”
Distribution of the event boards directly to RFL of SL groups began on February 21. Displayers may be obtained by others in one of three ways. Go to any current displayer and click the banner on the top. Select "Get a Copy" from the menu, and a boxed kit of all 11 displayers will be sent. These kits are no transfer. A free copy of the kit may also be found at ACS Island at

Xstreet SL lists the event board kit for L$1, which is distributed to ACS.
For more information about the event boards, e-mail Dwen Dooley at

Monday, February 22, 2010

Merry for Dance from RP Rfyre Couture

Greetings ... This is a special gown . Created by Miss Raven part of her RP Rfyre Couture Line
Miss Raven gifted Breezy the gown for Christmas and Breezy was thrilled
The gown is called "Merry" and was created for Miss Japan ,a top ten Virtual World contestant
now on sale at RP Couture at The House of RFyre

The flow and color of the textures are most eloquent !
*grins* the perfect gown for the drama of the Virtual Dance..
"Care for an evening of Tangos My Dear" ???
Oh Yes !!

The Magic is always in dance ..... with *The Right Partner* of course
*smiles* thank You for stopping by, cya next time