Monday, February 28, 2011

Steam 4 The Hunt is On ... Starts March 1st

Steam 4 The Hunt
This is Steam 4
Starting March 1st to March 31st
This is not just about and limited to the Steam land nations
It is all about Virtual Steam punk through Out the entire Grid !
The list of Virtual Steam punk Merchants  Who's Who is A Steamy Mix ..
180+ shops packed with goodies for all to hunt and find
Some like to start at start other enjoy starting at the end..
So no matter if you start at 1 or 189  Just have fun !!!
First Shop is here
Or if You would like to be extra Steamy
You can begin at the Last Shop 

Participating Shops

0 Starting Area
1 Pop Tart & Urban Assault
2 Lantian
3 E&D Engineering
4 TexWorks
5 Yellow JesteR
6 Capalini Fine Furnishings
7 The Mad Hattery
8 Dark N Crazy
9 Holly's Market
10 Destiny's Designs
11 D&M Dream Furniture
12 Suki's Silken Fashions
13 Twisted Metal SteamWorks
14 Primwynly
15 Cedar Bay Homes and Furnishings
16 Never Ever
18 The Home Store
19 Ziva's Underground Footware
20 emPathy
21 The Naughty Victorian
22 Avatar Bizarre
23 Dressed by Lexi
24 Total Look
25 Visual Concepts
26 22769 casual couture/vintage
27 AdelleArts Manor Fashions
28 NS6
29 Crazy Cake Creations
30 Embyr's Inferno
31 Sparkworks & Changeling Moon
32 Sinful Temptations Boutique
34 Cosmic Steam Designs
35 Axo's
36 Textures by Corry & Nighthawk
37 SR Leatherwerkx
38 Unrepentant
40 :Robbish:
41 *Tamiron Forge*
42 Star Crossed Weddings
43 gilded
44 Madville Textures
45 True North Designs Furniture
46 SteamBound
47 Xcentricity @ Port Babbage
48 ~SImply~
49 Griss' General Store
50 Rag Dollz
51 Clocktower design
52 The Eat Me Bakery
53 Builders Brewery
54 Halostar
55 Epic toys
56 Montagne Noire Clothiers
57 Dreamer Designs
58 GUHL ArchitectureDesign
59 JaqueMate
60 Wildz Creations and Pimp Daddy Trivia
61 Luminous Designs
62 SteamStyle Steampunk Emporium
63 HUDSON's Clothing Co.
64 Eternal Blessings
65 NachtMusik
66 Satu's Sushi in Clockhaven
67 + ezura +
68 *RRS* Rose River Saloon
69 Morigi Steam
70 Ky's Kreayshunz
71 The Secret Shelf
73 Top Katz
74 Hatpins
75 Aki-Kimono
76 The Eclectic Company
77 Ankh Morpork
78 Aster's Builts
79 The Hedge Witch
80 The Dolly Box
81 Arctor Shipyards
82 Bloodsmoore Inc
84 House of Byzanthine
85 Admittedly Absent
86 Oddments Shop
87 Zeitmesser Industries
88 Hearth & Home
89 PuzzleMint
90 USC Textures
91 Kastle Rock Couture
92 Sculptify Sculpt Solutions
93 Pirate Queen Designs
94 jeaniesing's things
95 LeaS
96 FlufferNutterz
97 Pestique
99 Amulet
100 Raven's Heart
101 Zoe's Garden
102 Avande
103 Altya's Dream Creations
104 ~Dreams in Digital Art Gallery~
105 Papillon's
106 Pipper's Place
107 Tree House Treasures
109 [[[COGOO]]]
110 Deezul Creations
111 Arkigrafx
112 Great Zero
113 Frosted Myst Designs
114 Daallinii's Creations
115 K & B Designs
116 P3 Costumes & More
117 Snowpaws
118 Blaisdale and Co.
119 Alma's Fantasy
120 Voodoo Instruments
121 Julia Collection
122 Caledon Oxbridge Fencing
123 Battersea Amusements
124 The Golden Oriole
125 Furniture Passion and Textures Passion
126 Collection Damani
127 ~*Star Kindler Designs*~
128 L+N Signature Designs
129 Steam Whimsy
130 Myluminations by thyri
131 irrisistible shop
133 DragonForge
134 Alkahest
135 NoddyStuff
136 Whitechapel 1888
137 MAJD
138 .:.:: Malfean Visions ::.:.
139 Wretched Dollies
140 Inca Temple
141 Tea & Strychnine
142 ChiC buildings
143 Blots Plot @ THE OLD MERMAID INN
144 Dare Designs
145 Dark N Crazy Finest furniture
146 MDesigns for Builders
147 Weka Steam Co. Main Store
148 New London Systems
149 Peterman Ltd.
150 BlakOpal Designs
153 Art Adagio
154 To-a-T
155 Lemons & Cream
156 Tiny Ruffles
157 House of RFyre
158 Damned Good Design SL
159 Grim Bros.
160 Luvsmore Fashion Gizmo's and Gadgets
161 Myrddin's Emporium
162 Myrddin's Emporium
163 Curious Seamstress at the Carrington
164 Warehouse 13
167 Steampunk Emporium
168 DramaZone
169 Candlelight Evenings Antique Furniture
170 Curious Seamstress
171 Brocade Tiger
172 TigPig Inc.
173 Sieyes Furnishings / Hudson's Illuminations
174 Arieala's Dirty Grungy Clothing, Designs by Serrita Ember
175 S&S Clockworks
176 [noctis]
177 St Helens Dry Goods (Crates & Barrels)
178 Froobert's Further West Trading Company
180 Spats
182 Spats
183 Haven Township (SIM wide Hunt)
184 :: Z's ::
187 * Amaranthus *
188 Viper Gallery
189 Velvel's Shanghai Bazaar
193 Voting Area

The *Creole Goddess* From Lady Kembri Tomsen Curious Seamstress

The *Creole Goddess* From Lady Kembri Tomsen Curious Seamstress
Ladies this look today is a fun  one ..
Today we visit the 1920's with a most original Dress worn by the
Spectacular Ms Josephine   Baker ..
*Creole Goddess*
"Thank you for your purchase of this dress, Creole Goddess.  It was worn by Josephine Baker in the 1920s and I've named it in her honor.  One of her many nicknames was Creole Goddess.  It's such an amazing, feathery dress, and so very joyful and sexy, which Josephine was, that I knew it had to be added to the Curious Seamstress 1920s lines"
"The dress itself resides in a museum, though now you too have a version to wear!
I hope that you'll enjoy all the flamboyant feathery fun of
this sleekly sizzling and sexy dress!
 I know I had an incredible amount of fun playing with it!"

Lady Kembri Tomsen
The movement and sway of the dress ..
Creole Goddess is mmm sexy !
Period under garments included but of course ...
 Layers upon Layers .. with beautiful bright Textures .. *Creole Goddess*
 Result  a stunning 1920's real life Period dress brought to second life .
*Creole Goddess*
 be it role play .. a pose .. a look of distinctive history !!!
*Creole Goddess*

Go back in time .. The 1920's indeed  a hot hot time in the City ...
With this  sleek Look .. Creole Goddess  from
Lady Kembri Tomsen  Curious Seamstress

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Seems Like a Dream .. Got me Some *Hypnotized* By SON!A !!!!

Seems Like a Dream ..  Got me Some *Hypnotized* By SON!A  !!!!
Yes its the same kind of Story ..  grins  Its another  Amazing design from Ms SON!A !!!
Ladies this is just one of her latest  collection ..  Hypnotized is a nice place to start ..
  Hand drawn details .. remarkable cut  and .. just textures to  leave any Man in Awe ..
us too Ladies ..    indeed Your bound to  be Hypnotize in this latest Release from SON!A .....
The designs and prim details are just beautiful .. Breezy was just captivated
with these latest designs from SON!A .. Original and cunning, Sharp and exquisite.
Powerful,  Romantic,Beauty in Designs .. says it all when its SON!A .. 
Take a journey with this Designer .. Visit her today ..
In World or Market Place ..
Also at London Calling Fashion week ..
Again this is just one of the spectacular new releases from this
Modest  Brilliant ,Creative ,Romantic Designer ..
Classic Couture .. Classic Fantasy to the tenth power in upscale elegance and beauty
that is SON!A ...  smiles
Layers of satin and chiffon makes this a most dynamic look ..
of Course You are wearing SON!A ...
Indeed  wear the Drama ..  Step into the Spectacular  Sophisticated World
Of  SON!A... make a point to visit  today .. 
The song ..  is one I listen to often ..
quite fitting *smiles*

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lady Kembri Tomsen's latest Release : *Rosetta*,1898 House of Worth gown.

 Like a  passage in time .. A Journey if you please
each one of these spectacular ensembles has a story.
 Lady  Kembri Tomsen's latest Release
 *Rosetta*,  1898 House of Worth gown.
Rosetta, 1898 House of Worth gown.
Made of printed silk, lace shoulder puffs, and a bell shaped skirt,
this gown is a glorious ode to spring time. 2 sets of Period undergarments are included.
This is The House of Worth, folks .. History at it finest !!!
Delicate, Decadence in Spectacular Designs...
This is one of the finest ,historical, creative ,upscale design houses that set the Bar ..
Funny thing about second life .. Some can write about things like they know it ..
Others *smile* have the ability to  create and enjoy  just the things they do !
They are able  to adore, respect and enjoy !
Huge difference there :)
There is not a bad angle or view of this gorgeous Gown, Brought to second life
for all to wear, admire and enjoy by my close friend, Lady Kembri Tomsen ,
owner of The Curious Seamstress
 Breezy comes from a real life place in time that was and is all about the mid and late 1800s ..

The gilded age .. smiles .. a time when American Castles were the norm ..
Many of these homes .. Now considered American Castles,
are now museums and just fabulous captures in time ..
 So yes when Breezy met Lady Kembri Tomsen with her breathtaking real live
creative master pieces ..
She was just quite impressed with and by Lady Kembri's keen insight for details ..
Impressed by the fact, that this woman had enough passion to not only find these wonderful gowns and ensembles ,but nail them and research them .. and take the time to bring them into world !
No one comes close to doing what Lady Kembri does!
 The grid is a better place with her beautiful Victorian , and Diesel punk gowns and ensembles !!
Sure other do lovely work and creative . But Lady Kembri a bit more deliberate and passionate with each of her ensembles ..From the textures the undergarments . The risk taking to go a bit beyond in bringing Real live vintage couture .Gifts of fashion to us all .. Breezy just thought it time to give a special extra care and mention to this clever precise historical Designer . Some of the finest ladies on the grid .. wear Curious Seamstress with enjoyment and pride
 Visit her today .. In world and on Market Place ...
for more info ..
Ball gown *Rosetta*, an 1898 House of Worth gown.

Below is a video of some of the most Dynamic gowns of The House of Worth !!
Visit Lady Kembri Tomsen .. today ..
For she has captured  many of these Beautiful Stories in  historic gowns ..
and  brought them to second life with great care ..
with a Most original style and creative ..
Own a part of history .. Be the Lady you really are
Visit Curious Seamstress today !!!

Indeed ,Must have a very Romantic Tale ...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

More More More ... BlackLace Brings YOU – Harlequin 2 .........

Valentines Day is over, and Blacklace didn’t want to have to wait till next year for
 Harlequin to come back, so Blacklace is giving us Harlequin in more colors!

Harlequin is romantic and mysterious…a story that begs to be told.
 A story that plays out in your mind time after time,
the fantasy that takes a life of its own, that try as you can’t control.
The excitement builds as the dark handsome stranger pursues.
 relentless in his desire to posses you…his need and want equaled only
 by your own... until finally you can resist no more.
That moment…sometimes forceful, sometimes sweet – but in the end the man of your dreams.

Harlequin 2 ((like all Blacklace ))  is Unique and Just the extra kick every girl wants ...
 Harlequin is inviting with velvet and black lace, the material begging to be touched,
the lace whispering to be traced with fingertips,
the bows nudging to be untied with the playful nip of teeth.
 Included  with Harlequin 2 is a the bra, cincher, garter,
and stockings all on different layers.

Also included is the mask, adding to the aura of mystery!
Sleek, Sexy and Sweet all the things a girl wants ..
and a Man Desires .. You are wearing Blacklace ...
Wear The Fantasy ..  then watch the spark happen
Stop by Blacklace today ....
But wait there is More .. ok ..more more more ..
This week's Low  is Unforgettable ...
what a sweet, hot darling ensemble this one is ....
 Unforgettable ... Do not miss this fun one time Low Offer
 going on now through Sunday Feb 27th
Add The Black Lace Sophie Skirt and take this corset set right out
on the town .. *or just about any where*
That's the Look of Blacklace ....
Sophie covers it all, plus invites some appreciative looks to the rear view if you get what I mean.
This awesome little skirt comes in multiple colors and you will need them all, so grab a taxi to Blacklace today !!

London Calling Featuring Sneak Preview of Blakopal Designs !!!!

This is exciting exciting exciting !!
Blakopal Designs sneak preview two amazing ensembles !!
One for the Ladies
One for the Gentlemen
Where can YOU see it first ??
Only At London Calling
London Fashion Week 

Blakopal has gone to a whole new level in Steampunk Whimsy
with each of these collections !!
Each  and more shall be available for Sale in their Main Shop
and Market Place in March !
You can catch The these and More at The Preview Collect
 Runway BlakOpal Designs show,
 on Saturday February 26th at 12 pm SLT.
London Calling
The London Sims and Opium Fashion Agency present Virtual London Fashion Week Spring 2011, held Feb. 22-27. This special fashion show features new spring fashions and designs from some of your favorite Second Life designers and avatar-accessory creators. Festivities include a kick-off street party, daily fashion shows, contests, and a closing party in the London sim of Hyde Park.

Blakopal's  Tramontane for men ..  the vest *wow* with the map and detail work
Pure signature Blakopal ..  The Hat .. just over the top  clever beauty and fun !!
The Shirt and cravat .. ((you be in style i tell ya !!))
But the cargo Pants .. complete with pure signature leather belt textured in details of
style and original in designs.
You will just know YOU are in Blakopal Designs !!  
Coming Soon  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steampunk Couture is not always an easy Genre to deliver ..
Blakopal Designs is one of The Feature Design Houses to nail it
every time .. Again Again .. 
Bringing brand New, fun ,whimsy, beauty with details Designs,
with colors, textures and spectacular details
for both Men and Women !!
Breezy is wearing BlakOpal Design's  soon to be released Compass Rose in Indigo ..
This rich design is just adorable with gold net gloves and stockings
Most clever Compass corset .. and two Skirt options ..
worn together or alone .. ((short skirt and mid length bustle ))
Coming Soon !!!!!  From Blakopal Designs
tender moments in light hearted beautiful Designs ..
Tramontane for men  and Compass Rose in Indigo ..
comming Soon from Blakopal Designs !
Breezy and  her Dearest Partner ,The Good Dr Fabre
enjoy wearing Blakopal Designs as they explore the Grid !
and enjoy one another ...
Have fun .. Come to this Fabulous Designer Preview Show  . 
Don't Miss London Calling  Featuring
The Runway BlakOpal Designs show,
on Saturday February 26th at 12 pm SLT.
The Poses used in this blog are all couple poses from GLITTERATI  .
The location is  *The Village Dream* Sky Box
from Garden of Dreams  *GOD* 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hearts on Fyre Couture Gown: House of RFyre Latest for Women

Never extinguish the fire in your heart that sparks your desire for success and rekindles your hopes and dreams, no matter how small the flame gets or how hard the wind blows.
-Vince Lo
The Look .. Oh You are wearing  RFyre, but of course !!
Oh My Lady Raven has out done herself with this entire collection !!!!!
The gown is Stunning .. The design is Breathtaking !!
The textures are bold deep and beautiful ..
Lace, Satin, with a rich design that is just full of passion and depth !!
Breezy is taken back in time to the Days of Dark Shadows
with the feel of this dramatic beautiful Evening Gown .. *smiles*
Hence the background staircase .. But Make no doubt
This is True House of Rfyre
Hearts on Fyre Courture Gown
RFyre Hearts on Fyre Couture Gown
! RFyre Hearts On Fyre Womens Rev: Shirt Sleeveless
! RFyre Hearts On Fyre Womens:Glitch Pants
RFyre Hearts On Fyre Womens: Skirt
RFyre Hearts On Fyre Womens: Under Skirt Left
RFyre Hearts On Fyre Womens: Under Skirt Right
RFyre Hearts on FyreWomens Gloves
RFyre Hearts On Fyre Womens: Glove Top Left
RFyre Hearts On Fyre Womens: Glove Top Right
RFyre Hearts On Fyre Womens: Glove Top Right
Don't miss the Hearts on Fyre Couture Gown from House of Rfyre
It is a most one of a kind and captivating gown,
with a texture design so Bold you will turn heads ..
Save the Drama for Your couture !!
In other words wear it don't feed into to it nor live it.
 .. smiles ..
Hearts are indeed on Fire ..
When YOU wear Rfyre !!