London Calling Featuring Sneak Preview of Blakopal Designs !!!!

This is exciting exciting exciting !!
Blakopal Designs sneak preview two amazing ensembles !!
One for the Ladies
One for the Gentlemen
Where can YOU see it first ??
Only At London Calling
London Fashion Week 

Blakopal has gone to a whole new level in Steampunk Whimsy
with each of these collections !!
Each  and more shall be available for Sale in their Main Shop
and Market Place in March !
You can catch The these and More at The Preview Collect
 Runway BlakOpal Designs show,
 on Saturday February 26th at 12 pm SLT.
London Calling
The London Sims and Opium Fashion Agency present Virtual London Fashion Week Spring 2011, held Feb. 22-27. This special fashion show features new spring fashions and designs from some of your favorite Second Life designers and avatar-accessory creators. Festivities include a kick-off street party, daily fashion shows, contests, and a closing party in the London sim of Hyde Park.

Blakopal's  Tramontane for men ..  the vest *wow* with the map and detail work
Pure signature Blakopal ..  The Hat .. just over the top  clever beauty and fun !!
The Shirt and cravat .. ((you be in style i tell ya !!))
But the cargo Pants .. complete with pure signature leather belt textured in details of
style and original in designs.
You will just know YOU are in Blakopal Designs !!  
Coming Soon  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steampunk Couture is not always an easy Genre to deliver ..
Blakopal Designs is one of The Feature Design Houses to nail it
every time .. Again Again .. 
Bringing brand New, fun ,whimsy, beauty with details Designs,
with colors, textures and spectacular details
for both Men and Women !!
Breezy is wearing BlakOpal Design's  soon to be released Compass Rose in Indigo ..
This rich design is just adorable with gold net gloves and stockings
Most clever Compass corset .. and two Skirt options ..
worn together or alone .. ((short skirt and mid length bustle ))
Coming Soon !!!!!  From Blakopal Designs
tender moments in light hearted beautiful Designs ..
Tramontane for men  and Compass Rose in Indigo ..
comming Soon from Blakopal Designs !
Breezy and  her Dearest Partner ,The Good Dr Fabre
enjoy wearing Blakopal Designs as they explore the Grid !
and enjoy one another ...
Have fun .. Come to this Fabulous Designer Preview Show  . 
Don't Miss London Calling  Featuring
The Runway BlakOpal Designs show,
on Saturday February 26th at 12 pm SLT.
The Poses used in this blog are all couple poses from GLITTERATI  .
The location is  *The Village Dream* Sky Box
from Garden of Dreams  *GOD*