UP Next .. Well Madi Gras with some New dM deviousMind of course !

UP Next ..  Well Madi Gras with some New dM deviousMind  of course !
So get Ready to "Join The Parade" !
 *Grins* ok ok so Breezy is a little early .. Alas  you all get some time to grab
these darling collections !!!
Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) is the French-language term for the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, a traditional day for eating rich foods made with sugar, butter and other fats, and meat. This was because it was the last day before the start of Lent, which in Christian religious tradition was associated with ritual fasting. The term has come to stand for related celebrations, which in some areas take place for several days or even weeks before Ash Wednesday.
 First up  By dM deviousMind !
“FrouFrou”Burlesque Couture and MardiGras Costume
“Frou Frou” is a French word associated with the swishing noise made by skirts on dancing women – so it seemed fitting to give this new costume this name, as it was a lot inspired by the striped apearance by CanCan costumes. And as special goodie and in light of upcoming Mardi Gras season as well as St. Patricks Day, this burlesque couture release got a bunch of extra colors added to our usual deviousBeauty color spectrum:

 Layer upon layer of thoughtful delishoush creative, along with fun prims as always :)
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 Next in good dM Devious Spirits we turn it up a bit with
"La Chouette du Mardi Gras"

Burlesque Couture and Carnival Costume
by !dM deviousMind
this is a spin off a 2010 design
note the "turn it up"
 This illustrated costume consists of a variety of different items and clothing layers, to allow you utmost flexibility when styling your avatar. Aside from the base clothing pieces like gloves, golden fishnet thigh highs or full pentihose option, sequins panties or sequinsShorts paired with a sexy netTop, you will find two different styles of the main costume pieces as featherWheel or sequinsFlowers and matching to each, differnt types of ornament  attachment for the corset and stockings. And to round it all off, two types of hairflowers and three differnt mask options, and long beads necklaces as alternative to the corset ornaments
 The **MARDI GRAS** color of this set is kinda the prototype of "La Chouette du Paradis", which you can find with slightly different content in 8 different colors at deviousBeauty: **BLACK**, **WHITE**, **RED**, **ROSE**, **PINK**, **BLUE**, **TEAL**, **PURPLE** and if you like them all in one, as an **ALL COLORS** pack! (The colors are corresponding to all of our past (*chanimations feather props&pose set releases)
Madi Gras is truely a State of  mind .. it is not just the happenings on the Streets
around the world ...
So warm up and begin to Get yourselves into that "Madi Mind Set"
 ..  *grins*
Saw Dr John with  Professor Longhair and some of the best Cajun Zydeco 
Music performers ever,  in New Orleans a few Years ago .
easy folks not that many ago ..snickers .. Point ..
She picked this song cause he talks at the start ... and its so 
easy ...  grins..... breezy .. like ..
she may never see another  Madi Gras in person
But .. Breezy has the mind set for always !!