The Wild Rose Steampunk Jypsy From The One and ONLY To-a-T. !!

Where Does Breezy begin with .. This latest Release from Miss Terry Lightfoot
other then the Fact it is indeed an Epic Release ..
Romantic, Fun, Beautiful and  with so many looks to it ..
I can only Hope Breezy does it Justice with this blog ..
The Wild Rose Steampunk Jypsy
"Just In Time for Valentine's Day: A Wild Rose
The Wild Rose Steampunk Jypsy
Thinking of romance and Valentine's day
 I've taken this dress from moody purples into rambling wild roses."
Miss Terry Lightfoot

Gypsies and wild roses seem perfectly suited to each other. I was inspired to add a hat to this option rich ensemble, with an explosion of feathers at the back, and more gypsy coins as decoration. The metal corset that comes included has taken on an almost candy colored look.

The final word for the Wild Rose Steampunk Jypsy is "Edible".
Miss Terry Lightfoot
Miss Terry's Hand Drawn Textures are here ... smiles along with ribbons
endless ribbons to accent the many Delicious Looks that one can achieve !
The Topper is a lovely addition to the collection ..
((steampunk thing don't you know !))
with endless tops included in two  shades A stunning  Rose and Lovely White !!!!
from beautiful Satin Ribbon  bodices,corsets ah Ruffled Blouses  and two different bolero Jackets
In like every Layer .. Indeed this is an Epic complete ensemble !!!!
ahh then there are the lace Petty coats and skirt bustles ..   
((with or with coin trim))
An extra Ribbon attachment Skirt .
It just goes on and on .. Most  thoughtful !! 
made for endless creative fun with your very own copy of 
The Wild Rose Steampunk Jypsy

Breezy must confess she played for a few days with this Ensemble
as she wanted to get to know it through and through *grins*
Miss Terry Lightfoot Releases are like that YOU know
You sort of  want to wrap your arms around each one
Like the artist herself ..
Dream and wear YOUR Fantasies and if.... Your a really Good girl ..
They come to Life ...
(( smiles ))
This is the good Stuff .. and  the magic of good creative Folks !! 
So rush over to One of Miss Terry's shop today 
Visit her blog for more Info ..
thank YOU Miss Terry ..
Indeed breezy shall be enjoying this collection and hoping quietly for 
More from To-a-T.  .. Perhaps
The Next Sooty Steamy One .. 
Happy twirls .. privately ..


Batou said…
Fantastic work, madam!
Breezy Carver said…
/me beams :) whispers Oh ..Thank YOU Sir !