Thursday, February 3, 2011

Always Walk in Fields of Gold with *G* Fields Designs ....

*G* Fields .. The lovely shop we all know .. The lovely shop
we all must  rush to to get that certain something *smiles*
Breezy finds herself more and more
running to this shop ..
Lets start with this darling feel good Party Dress
Velvet Dress -Janet -

::::: *GF* Velvet Dress "Janet" :::::
Velvet and lace dress with sculpty ruffle skirt.
[!!] Not flaxi skirt.
Include: tops, pants, lace tops (undershirt & jacket),
sculpty skirt, choker, sleeves.
in 7 colors, Mod/Copy/No-trans, 300L$. (fat pack 1500)

Just a really adorable look and so well made
Like all *G* Field creatives...
One can achieve  Three different Looks with the three top layers alone ..
as it should be *grins* In this world .. Don't You think ?
The textures and cut as always Pristine .. Sheer perfection
After all this is  *G* Field
The Rose Chokers are just brilliant !!
Add *G* Field new Eve Flowered Pumps
to complete this darling Look
The Flower Pump is really the "Ultra" In classic High heels
with menu driven  Flowers on  ..  Flowers off ..
and the shoe shades .. oh la la  .. well see below ..
Head over to *G* Fields Soon
beauty and cuteness always await You !!

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