Monday, February 28, 2011

The *Creole Goddess* From Lady Kembri Tomsen Curious Seamstress

The *Creole Goddess* From Lady Kembri Tomsen Curious Seamstress
Ladies this look today is a fun  one ..
Today we visit the 1920's with a most original Dress worn by the
Spectacular Ms Josephine   Baker ..
*Creole Goddess*
"Thank you for your purchase of this dress, Creole Goddess.  It was worn by Josephine Baker in the 1920s and I've named it in her honor.  One of her many nicknames was Creole Goddess.  It's such an amazing, feathery dress, and so very joyful and sexy, which Josephine was, that I knew it had to be added to the Curious Seamstress 1920s lines"
"The dress itself resides in a museum, though now you too have a version to wear!
I hope that you'll enjoy all the flamboyant feathery fun of
this sleekly sizzling and sexy dress!
 I know I had an incredible amount of fun playing with it!"

Lady Kembri Tomsen
The movement and sway of the dress ..
Creole Goddess is mmm sexy !
Period under garments included but of course ...
 Layers upon Layers .. with beautiful bright Textures .. *Creole Goddess*
 Result  a stunning 1920's real life Period dress brought to second life .
*Creole Goddess*
 be it role play .. a pose .. a look of distinctive history !!!
*Creole Goddess*

Go back in time .. The 1920's indeed  a hot hot time in the City ...
With this  sleek Look .. Creole Goddess  from
Lady Kembri Tomsen  Curious Seamstress

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