Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Darling Bettie Corset Outfit from BlakOpal Designs'

On the Eve before Valentine's Day
Please let breezy share another fun Hunt that is going now ..
but first let her give a tease to a Just wicked fun and adorable Prize on
 The Hunt, From Blakopal's Designs
Bettie Corset Outfit from BlakOpal Designs'
breezy loves this design !!!
Bettie Corset Outfit from BlakOpal Designs'
A flirty corseted dress that's perfect for day or evening wear, with lots of sexy touches
 that let you decide how daring you want to be.
 The dress features a waist cincher corset covered in satin brocade dragons
 and rosebud embroidered silk, and trimmed with beaded braid.
The corset is open at the back, fastened with four heavy buckles.
 The dress underneath is a dazzling semi-sheer crystal organza fabric.
 The bodice top has spaghetti straps with lace trim
at the front and comes in a solid or semi-sheer version.

This item, like all Blakopal Desgins, comes with copy + modify permissions,
which enable you to create your own outfit combinations,
and customize the fit on your avatar if you choose.

The skirt falls to knee-length in lots of semi-sheer layers that move and flow as you walk.
 Under the skirt is a garter belt in fabrics that match the corset,
 with rosebud trim. The garters hold up sheer stockings,
 and there is a matching panty to finish off this sexy ensemble.

Oh now The Hunt..  Funny I thought it was  the Pinup Navy Hunt ..
Alright its  February 13th and goes to March 12th
The land mark for the Start is here
This is a sweet small themed hunt
for more infomation
Scroll down for Pinup Navy Hunt

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Beautiful photos, and a great article, Breezy!