Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Light Some Fire Indeed with The Stunning Blacklace ~Harlequin ~

Romance is the air ..  Blacklace presents Harlequin,
a Limted Edition release in thier 2011 Valentines Holiday Collection.
The excitement would build as you settled into bed with the romance novel, a box of tissues and chocolates at the ready. Oh how we devoured the pages, wanting to take the place of the heroine in the book as the handsome stranger wooed her, courted her. Sometimes it was forceful, sometimes sweet and somes oppositional..but in the end there was love and romance.
Now open your eyes, and you see Harlequin…ready to be devoured, ready to be courted,
ready for all that he has to give her and yes, even take from her.

Harlequin is inviting with crimson velvet and white lace, the material begging to be touched, the lace whispering to be traced with fingertips, the bows nudging to be untied with the playful nip of teeth. Included is a the bra, cincher, garter, and stockings all on different layers. Also included is a mask,
cause you just never know when you might need one!

But Blacklace does not just stop with a single Harlequin ... 
Although the Crimson and lace is a Limited Addition
there are also some very other hot shades and combos for their 2011 Valentine Releases .
Anyone who knows Breezy knows how much she adores White ...smiles
and shades of blues .. and umm alright soft pinks ..((grins)) Black is hot too ..
Laughing ..
But the details and textures to the Harlequin series are just
Delish .. Yum Yum !  
There is nothing cheep or cheesy about these collections ..
They are Hot and Saucy. Quite Delightful in look..
With all the different layers, easily worn with other ensembles ..
Wear your own Magic .. It does start from with in ....
and like all good things ..
 ..  Unbelievable things come in time ..

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