Friday, February 4, 2011

Recap Of 3rd Annual Founders Day Ball and Air Balloon/ Ship Build

Recap of The Founders Day Ball ..
The Night was indeed Magical
With No Less then 14 Ship/Air Balloon Builds Entrees
Pretty Amazing Stuff .. The Attendance was Plenty
After all  This was a Most Special  Annual and Monthly Creative
New Babbage Event  at Piermont Landing
This Was The Third Annual Founders Day Ball
Below are some Captures from the Amazing Victor !!!
Also for Piermont's Very Own Event Photographer
Bookworm Hienrichs  lovely photos of the event please click here
 Mr. Cleanslate's  Trophies for The New Babbage  3rd Annual Airship Regatta
more info can be found here
Forgive me for The Delay in Posting this ..smiles but favors in Fashion were owed !!!
I am still  in the process of passing out prizes .. ((that is what weekends are for .. ! ))
Please click on each, to enlarge these photos, for the true Impact of The Beauty of The Collection
of these amazing airships  all together ..  14 Entrees !!! 
Photos by ..  Mr Victor Mornington
Below Listed The Build Winners and Some Photos of The Ships ..
This was not easy, as there are some of the Best in builds on the Landing this evening .. Pure Steam !!
Alas we must have results ..

Surprise it's Nix Sands First Place
Darling Ember Monster and Tesla Tripsa second place
Gadget Starsider third place
Honorable blow up mention .. Evil Doc O .. of course
this is New Babbage People .We like that sort of things . grins
thank YOU to all entrees amazing builds and  Special Thank YOUs to The Judging !!
No Easy Task !!

Now for Some  Real True Airship  Captures
Thank You  to Mr Victor Mornington For these Photos

Indeed A most Perfect Evening ..
Thank YOU  Dear Sir ....
Hope to See YOU all  The Weekend of  February 19th
All Aboard  The Grand Tour
Below a Sneak Peek at Piermont Landing's Theme and Build Contest
Piermont Landing Presents
The Never More Midnight Blue Ball
Febuary 19th
6pm to 9pm slt
Music by
The Amazing Dj Bats
sponsored by
House of RFYRE
Curious Seamstress
Creative Steampunk
Cage Build Contest
37 Prims
animations and creative welcome !!!
For This is The Never More Steampunk Cage Build Contest
Show Us What YOU can do !!
After all You think we are going to cage Ravens or they going to Cage YOU ???
The Raven, "Nevermore."

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