Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Romance and Ribbons in The Sky from Blacklace ...

Indeed Blacklace has done it Yet again for all ..
Breezy shares two more sweet saucy ensembles Just in time
For Romance and YOUR Valentine ...
The skies are full of Blacklace Ribbons for all to embrace ''
Starting with
Blacklace gives us PS I Love You,
a Limited Edition release for the Valentines Collection.

This luscious feminine set is destined to be your partner’s own personal love letter.
Your partner might wish to open it oh-so-slowly, or just dive into it anxiously.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this time the picture in their mind’s
 eye of you in this delectable set will be priceless and words won’t be needed!

This set includes a pink corset embellished with white lace and the sentiment of
PS I Love You on the bodice.
Also included is garter and pink satin stockings and panties. ‘http://slurl.com/secondlife/Alphamale/130/124/41

PS I Love You is transferable for gift giving to someone special, be it your love or yourself.

Blacklace presents Kissable, another new release in the Intimates
 Holiday Collection by Vollers, the Corset Company.

Totally kissable, this set whispers of the treasures that lie underneath its surface.
 From the silk trimmed with its eye catching Asian design
 to the black lace panties and trim on the gloves,
 Kissable is rich in detail and overflowing in sensuality

Kissable includes the Chinese silk corset, smooth on your skin and definitely
 to your partners touch, black lace panties with a nibblable bow right there,
a black garter with pink trim and of course stockings and lace trimmed gloves.

Everything comes on multiple layers and is transferable for gift giving whether your partner
wants to give an early Valentines gift, or you just want to be nice to yourself!

Please Visit The Vollers -Corsets Company
Real Life Corsets and Under bust corsets at their finest !!!
The workmanship and textures in these real live Corsets are simply Spectactular !!!
After all they have been doing it .. for generations since 1899 !!!
Wear you fantasy in every world ..
PS I love you ...and Kissable ...

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