Sunday, February 6, 2011

Step Back In Time To Sheer Romance With Lady Kembri Tomsen

Step Back In Time To Sheer Romance ,With Lady Kembri Tomsen's Spectacular
 Victorian ball gown, Georgia.
The Georgia Ball Gown
"This gown is currently in a museum collection and hasn't seen the light of day in about 30 years. It is made of peach colored velvet with tulle around the waist and on the bodice. There are silk flowers with velvet leaves, bead work, and lacy sleeves embellished with beads and sequins. What a scrumptious gown! It is designed by Jacques Doucet (1853–1929) of Paris, France. He had a love of fine paintings from the Baroque era and the opulence of those gowns. That style is echoed in his creations with the lavish use of lace, tulle, flowers, feathers, and embroidery as well as bead work and ribbons. His work was worn by the elite of Paris, as well as by actresses and the demimondaine. If you knew of Worth, you knew of Doucet as well. "
Lady Kembri Tomsen
This is a sneak peek of Lady Kembri Tomsens Latest Creation
The Georgia Ball Room Gown ..  Ladies it is a Special One !!
Starting with the Delicious Undergarments ..  Oh La La ... Indeed !!
Rich Velvet and Satin .. and The never ending Corset is Most Special .
"Jacques Doucet came from a family that had an enormous amount of creative genius. His mother made and sold bonnets, and his father's family had owned a lingerie business starting about 1810. The Doucet family still runs a men's clothing business in Paris, though the House of Doucet stopped selling women's clothing in 1932. Doucet gowns are not easy to find now, over a hundred years later. However, if you can find one and have a chance to take a very close look at the construction of the garment, you too would wish to own it! They are incredible confections and I must say, I envy those long ago ladies who wore the gowns newly delivered from the creator."
Lady Kembi Tomsen

The rich enticing creamy Colors , The decadent textures, From the satins and bead work
to .. The prim work all combined are elegant over the top, elegance .. just beautiful ..
add Lady Kembri's Ostrich Plume Fan
(( included in various other of her previous releases ))
This is not only a creative from a real live ball gown .. It is a mini Lesson
in true Victorian Ball Gown Couture ..
For each have their very own Story .. Lady Kembri brings them to life and into
world for each and all to embrace and have fun with ..
Breezy is off to entertain her guests with Her Partner
but before the night kicks off .. She finds herself
Lost in the Gardens .. As it is such a beautiful .. Always Full Moon
Grid evening ..

All alone with her thoughts she feels quite gitty and Most content ..
For no one can see her .. twirl and hum to herself ...
The Georgia Ball Gown is an inspiration .. here folks *smiles*
The True beauty of this Lovely Georgia Ball Gown, is that it is delicate yet full and has
 Delightful scripted ebb and flow .. for all the Ladies Moves on the Dance floor
or in the garden .. or as she walks ..
The Georgia Ball Gown
From The Curious Seamstress
Creative ..check ..  Design.. check check ...
Movement and Beauty ... check check check ..
All Supplied via Lady Kembi Tomsen, The Curious Seamstress
The experience and adventure ... Lady Kembri leaves that up to YOU !!
It is said a Man, a True Man has his Honor ..a gift he gives to Himself .
It has just dawned on me ..
It takes a true woman to embrace her own Passion
and enjoy it ..
Release it and share it *smiles*

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