Sunday, March 11, 2012

Its Petite's Sunday Come on And Sting Me with !dM deviousMind: "Honeytrap PETITE

Its Petites Sunday Come on And Sting Me  with  !dM deviousMind: "Honeytrap PETITE
Our Blog worlds are Busy with so much going on ..
How about a welcome Break into the World of Petites ..
You know you  shall or do already love them .. hehe ..
 !dM deviousMind: "Honeytrap PETITE" BurlesqueCouture
We start with Fallen Gods Royal Rose Skin
and Add On Royal Make Up Hud (( love love ))
Add Some Skinthesis -  Petite Eyes and Hair with  Petite Poppet White - Headband
and away You go ... Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee or ..rather
Buzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzz Buzzzzz 
  !dM deviousMind: "Honeytrap PETITE" BurlesqueCouture
this petite ensemble packs a huge punch with so many looks ..
about four different basic and then mix and match ..
It really is for the advanced Petite who wants to turn all the other Petites heads ..
Just kidding but it is  adorable !!!!
 Tinker Bell got nothing on this Babe ..  wink !
So head out to the kingdom or one of these amazing creators today
and go Petite !!!! 

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