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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Personal Homage to a Most Special Designer The World of Donna FLora

W is For Wishing YOU get Well Soon 
this just in Squin shall be in and Donna Flora shall be
part of Fashion For Life 2012 ..
Don't forget to visit this amazing Designer
and the Fabulous world of Donna Flora Designs

Dearest Squin,
When i rushed to your shop for FFL .. smiles and saw the crying teddy bear ..
I thought Oh No !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was comforted by the lovely Cajsa (cajsa.lilliehook)  what a dear dear friend she is to YOU !!!!!
I am so sorry this evil disease has touched you xoxox
But you can do this .. You can beat it hun !!!!
I am told you do not wish to say what type it is .. smiles
I shall share a story .. In 1980 we didn't talk about it ...
I was diagnosed with a type 5 pap .. we didn't talk about ..
I was rushed to cryo surg .. (( freezing of displasia found in my cervix ))
I was a very young girl .. we just didn't talk about it ..
For eight long years i struggled to battle the displasia inside me ..
I was a lucky one .. for I won .. in 1988.
In 1995 we lost our Mother to stomach cancer ..
In 1999 I lost my older sister .. to cervical cancer ..
She was not so lucky .. but still we did not talk it about .. in 2001 they found a cure ..
A good cure .. today It is 2012 .. We can make the Teddy Bears stop crying For we Do talk about it .
My point to you is .. YOU have so many that love you and care .
You have reached into so many of our lives and hearts with your beautiful creative and thoughtful heart. xox .
You are a most humble, modest , beautiful inside and out person ..
We all respect your heart, passion and privacy .. But so many of we care ..
You are in my thoughts and prayers . I believe in you with all my heart .. I believe you can win this battle ..
Thank you for... well .. to be honest there is not a blog i do .. or a second life day that goes by ..
I do not look for a donna flora .. item .. be it YOUR amazing Jewels .. a  gown, dress , hair or shoe .. sunglasses to make me smile xox
You helped me so much in my early days .. lighting .. eyes smiles skin tones ..
You always encouraged me and most important Made me feel special .. In my lonely nights or early am blogging xoxo
You never made me second or last .. hugss You .. YOU gave me the sweet kindness to do what i enjoyed and what made me happy
and Not bother with worry about others  and what they thought etc xoxo ..
Powerful things .. with a smile, or a friendly IM conversation don't you think .. So please know .. I am just one of the many
You have touched and that miss you in this world ..
With a great Big "W" please know Wishing YOU get well Soon and come home to us all ..
We can't have this teddy bear crying for you xoxox ..
hugss you gently ..
Be Strong, Think Positive and Most of All like you have said with your creative to each of we ..
Believe in yourself .. and You having many tomorrows xox .
With Love,


Mimmi Boa- Isabella said...

thanks for those touching words.
Everyone has its "book of tears" and everyone must be strong and try to fight against the bad fate!
I hope Squinternet will be "on the run" soon and i wish you all the best
Mimmi Boa

Blossoms Sweetwater said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blossoms Sweetwater said...

thank you for the warm and strong message for us. it touched in my heart. I believe We are strong and fight to get back our lives every single min.
thank you again.

Blossoms Sweetwater

Blossoms Sweetwater said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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