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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Violator Presents Dismissed, my Lord - In Black / By VIOLATOR

 Breezy Loves Violator .. Indeed she does .. This wonderful Design House
Just gets better and better  Like Pristine Aged Vintage Wine ..
 Dismissed, my Lord - In Black /  By VIOLATOR   
Is Decadent and Beautiful !
Available in World
and On Market Place
 unique, formal, elegant, classic ...and so Much More
with Multiple Looks ..  Dramatic to Sleek  always Original in her Creative ..
The Whimsy, Modest and Brilliant,Artistic Soraya Vaher
 once again takes her customers on a Magical Journey in
Design with each of her Stunning Ensembles !
From Couture, to hair, Jewels and Accessories ..mmm like stunning scripted Crops and Whips ..
Violator has it all in top of the Line Designs !
 Its all Violator with this Couture
Rich Black Satin Layers of Textures to turn heads and captivate ..
Dismissed, My Lord . Perfect for that genre in time Role Place .. As its design is timeless !!
Dismissed, my Lord - In Black / By VIOLATOR
Spectacular detailed dramatic Gown !!!
Dismissed, my Lord -  In Black /  By VIOLATOR
is waiting for you  and so much More !!!
Visit this Spectacular world of Violator today

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