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Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's Time for a Sneak Peek of **Angelwing** Timeless Light for Fashion For Life ..

I am proud to type .. It's that time of Year again ..
On March 10th Fashion For Life Kicks off !!
Once again I Breezy Carver shall be Blogging for Fashion For Life .. yay !!
This year's them is dear to my own heart as the entire Cause ..
FFL has Picked "It's Time"  in Conjunction with Relay for Life's own 2012 Time For a Cure .
Over the years Breezy has participated both in Real Life and Second Life for this amazing Cause .
From Being Team Captain
Team Mentor
Pr and Marketing Chair ..
Real Life Team Captain , Division Mentor and Division Chair
This year 2012 .. She has decided to step back and let all the many wonderful others shine !!
Breezy shall limit her time and energies to giving and doing via her blogging .
For Fashion For Life .. in March .
Fantasy Faire in April .
When I saw this Gown from Angelwing  I was most taken ..
Breezy Lost her sister in to Cervical Cancer ..
Some Friends chipped in and Bought her
A Beautiful Stone Angel as a homage to the beautiful woman
(her sister, taken so young away from her))..
This statue  sits in her  real life back yard over looking some ponds there .
The Gown reminds her what that statue would look like if she stood up !!
here is the Angel smiles  ..
It's Time for a Sneak Peek of **Angelwing** Timeless Light for Fashion For Life .. 
**Angelwing** Timeless Light
The creative on this gown is Most thoughtful .. and detailed !!!
Delicate and done with so much love and heart !!
See that is the thing .. When some one is giving or doing  for others ..
In anyway from their Heart No one can judge You .. No One can hurt, harm or take away
the good you are doing, giving and sharing for other from your own heart ..
Thank YOU .. Dear Angel6 Susanti the creator of this ensemble for reminding me of this ..
Hair By Wasabi Pills .. smiles
Skin From Glam Affair
Visit Fashion For Life 2012 .. Stop by **Angelwing** and purchase this gown ..
She is a sim Sponsor this year .. smiles more on that later ..
This wonderful gifted Modest Artist with the great big heart designs are  timeless and magical !!!
**Angelwing** Timeless Light
Just Breath taking details to this stunning Gown ..
So much more to come ..  With Just two more days to go ..  *smiles*
In the mean time  Visit Angelwing today
Gown not available till Fashion For Life ..
visit Angelwing blog for more info on this wonderful desginer
Sim Sponsor of 2012 Fashion for Life

1 comment:

Rhianon Jameson said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your sister - taken too soon indeed. That's a lovely statue in a lovely setting to remind you of her.

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