Monday, March 5, 2012

The Private Dancer all From *LpD*

The Private Dancer From *LpD*
 The Private Dancer From *LpD*
Lets start with this Beautiful Skin and shape shall we ... smiles
from *LpD*  *Uma* Vintage Skin Breezy just Loves it !!!!
Uma* is the last *LpD* skin inspired to the vintage beauty!
This skin is available in five make up versions (only light tan) and with two kind of breast!.
Pack includes an alpha layer for the parted lips!
In World @ Skins Main Store
 darling dress also .. LpD available in four shades
The *Star of Ballet* Shoes are available in five colors!
I love these shoes .. just beautiful !!!!
 The Private Dancer all  From *LpD*
The Private Dancer all  From *LpD*

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