Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wasabi Pills @ Hair Fair 2012 and More !!

Yep Its that time of Year !!
The Hair Fair 2012 is here !! 

How’s the weather at Hair Fair today?

We have done our best to make Hair Fair as lag free as possible, and so far it seems our efforts are paying off. The sims have been up for a little over 15 hours now, and I just took a stroll around to check the temperature. I’m happy to report time dilation is averaging better than 95% on all the sims, often running at 99%, and very rarely dipping down below 80%, so in terms of sim lag, it’s looking just great. The sims have been packed to capacity since we’ve opened to the public, so getting in or crossing sims may take a little patience, but once you’re where you want to be the shopping is smooth and easy.
On the client side, I have my draw cranked up to 1024 so I can see all four sims with shadows on and it’s working just fine. Your mileage may vary, but if you’ve got a strong computer that can handle that sort of thing don’t be afraid to crank your graphics up shoot some photos on Adorkable’s poseballs or just walking around. Enjoy the weather!

 There is so much going on in all worlds .. grins 
Breezy is having  trouble keeping up with the Grid 
Well this weekend Kicks off Hair Fair 2012 
Wasabi Pills has gone all out with four of the Most
Darling Designs !!!  
lets start with Brigitte !! 
 Ichigo comes with a band changing Hud . 
What fun is this Style !!
Working with so many genres 
Ichigo is so to become your newest go to style !! 
 Ichigo comes with a band changing Hud 
AIDA Wasabi Pills Mesh Hair .
Love Love Love AIDA ..
Now AIDA comes with a shaved scalp to wear 
However I tried the long hair scalp and Whala !!  
Just adorable Love this hair !!
Missy Has done it Yet again with all four this
Beautiful Styles !!  
AIDA Mesh Hair From Wasabi Pills 
Zoey mesh hair with color changing hud for band and beads 
Too Adorable Love It !! 
 What a Darling Look 
An Outfit one would want in real Life !! 
The Hair Wasabi Pills Zoey from Hair Fair 2012 
The skin  Glam Affair
The Outfit Glam Affair
The Hat LeLutka
Poses By Bent from One Voice 
Then be sure to  Pop over to Collaborators 88 
catch this new Skin from Glam Affair
The Outfit You guessed  Glam Affair again 
Hat and Shoes by Lelutka
Poses From Bent @ One Voice 
Hair  Zoey Mesh Hair from Wasabi Pills only at the Hair fair 2012

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