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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July to All !!!!!

Happy 4th of July to All 
From a Most Happy and Proud to be 
An All American Gal 
I want You !!!   --4th of July from Boudoir
with The Cloud Angel One of A Kind Steam Jet Pack 
Made By New Babbage's One and Only Doctor Obolensky 
!dM deviousMind: "July4th" **GROUP GIFT** 
((thank You !!  Just Darling !! )) 
!dM deviousMind: "July4th" **GROUP GIFT** 
~Blacklace~ USO Girl: 4th of July TOSL Special
Pure Americana ....... Enjoy ..
Still gives me goosebumps to hear these classics ..
I pray they are never Lost ....

Now ..  with a bit of Luck maybe some can learn our history from
yes a Video Game .. Its Time that people learn and are reminded
How Our American Revolution Not only effected The United States of America
But More Important The World about Our Laws, Our Freedom ,and Our Liberty ..
It is Important to Remember Just How MANY  have , shall and continue to PAY
A High*The Ultimate*  Price for them Always to be thanked and remembered !!

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