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Saturday, July 7, 2012

BOSL RFL of Second Life Going On Now ..

After Four Solid Years of Front and Centering Myself
with and for RFL of Second Life 
This year Breezy has stepped considerably back
No real One reason other then I come into this world
to Relax and Escape and Unwind . 
I believe in the cause still a great deal .
It is Quite dear to my own real life heart .
But that is the point for me; it really is Personal, 
Just really Deep and It still Hurts .. 
BOSL RFL of Second Life 
I am posting this Beautiful Gown 
Because I think it is Outstanding what
Some of the greatest designers in Second Life strut the runway to support Cancer Research.
Special exclusive limited designs and outfits made for this important event!!!
ONLY 10 OF EACH ITEM WILL BE SOLD – So get yours before they go!
 Gown Bliss BLack Feathers  only @ BOSL RFL 
Skin Belleza: Fairy Tales 2012
~Tableau Vivant~ Prop art ~ Fairy Tales 2012
Fairy Tales 2012 ..... Rush its over in just hours .. 
(( I am sure they shall be available at creators main shops )) 

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