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Monday, July 16, 2012

Just a Little Loving From (*Chanimations and !dM Devious Minds

*FetishCabaret Set 30 “RetroGlam”

From The World of   (*chanimations 
What could be more suitable for FetishCabaret set #30 than just to combine all our best in one thing – nothing of course! So here comes a full load of vintage glamor, pinUp and vinyl fetish (litterally) all in one. The elegant chaise comes with color menu to choose between 6 cushion colors and of course with many many vinyls :D
Comes with 9  Darling Poses 

BurlesqueCouture: !dM “Coco Mon Coeur” (partial Mesh)

Breezy adds a BurlesqueTreats: !dM “Starlette” FeatherBoa in white .. You will want every shade and use these adorable Feather boas often .. Promise !!  
“Coco Mon Coeur”
Burlesque Coutureby !dM deviousMind
 Wheeeeeeeeeeeee  Stop the Planet .. 
I think I shall get off here .. hehe ..
Real Life .. Grid Life .. Just too much going on ..
and it is all going fast .. 
Breezy has a little something Special to share from The one and 
The Only .. (*chanimations  Click for Market Place Store Now
Or In World '
Web Site 
First The Back drop is just a peek of the all New“Devious, dirty, rich… ”
"Chicago Underground"
“Coco Mon Coeur”
Burlesque Coutureby !dM deviousMind
“Coco Mon Coeur”
Burlesque Coutureby !dM deviousMind
“Coco Mon Coeur”
Burlesque Coutureby !dM deviousMind

A little bit naught, a little bit nice… and a whole lot of rich baroque courtesan feel is what inspired “Coco Mon Coeur”, our first partial mesh release!
The illustrated outfit consists of a variety of different attachment options, to allow for the most flexibility when styling your avatar. The shiney satin corset is created as a rigged mesh item, so please try DEMOs before purchase. For easier usability of sizes, we chose to use the Standard Sizing in XS, S, M, and L (please see information further down), as well as a 5th C version. The matching skirt comes in two parts to allow wearing it as “plain” skirt, as little feathery ballerina tutu or with the full frills and feathers combined. The feather part is included in a colored version as well as in off-white. If you feel like skipping the skirt, you can wear only the corset with its pearl adornments along top- and bottom lines and add some off-white frilly knickers. And to round it all off, it comes with a 3-row pearl choker.
The costume is available in 9 colors: **PEARL**, **CREME**, **ROSE**, **PINK**, **RED**, **LILAC**, **MINT**, **BLUE**, **ONYX**, and of course in a **COLOR PACK* which includes all pieces in all colors!

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