There Still be love in The World

 Art&KO – Rain out of love GACHA
1 RARE Art&KO – Rain out of love GACHA – YELOW Coat & Hud (Maitreya)
2 Art&KO – Rain out of love GACHA – RED umbrella
3 Art &KO- Rain out of Love - Yellow Boots
@ The Gacha Garden
Hair from FireLight at Swank going on till end of month 
Pose Cutie  from Delmay 
 I had so much fun making this photo.  First I love rain  lol   All the effects of it. I love it in real life, I even have yellow rubber  Uggs rain boots , A fisherman Rain Hat , Short Yellow cool Rain Jacket  lol  My  real life husband calls me The Morten Salt rain girl  when looking for me  very funny really ….
So in second life I have : rain....  wet shine look skins ... Etc  .  Just learning how to put it all together but I have to admit I only share some of the fun and good  looking experiments  now on to the blog 
1) I got behind this time  sorry my own fault I felt I had to redo a set of photos because lines showed up poorly due to Poses  ugh ugh it happens  but it took time !!
  On to this Blog  Behold  from the beautiful clever world of  
:: ANTAYA ::
 Top and panties

Maitreya and Legacy
Even: Frou Frou (10 February - 8 March)
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Now these Poses are all from  Image Essentials  
The one above is a group gift for Valentines Day  XOX 
The rest are from the Feeling Blu Collection Kneel addition
found at Her Main Store
I am  a  lucky girl in real life. It is my second life that is now lacking..
 Funny how that works used to be the other way around then I got very sick and realized just how blessed I am. I come on here to relax  and get beat up ….  by some that really just dont care, Its not that they are mean its just I now realize I really dont matter  sigh  funny how that hurts. I am too sensitive Dam it !!
This is my work on such a night
There's a storm coming over the mountain
I'll be gone long before the morning
After the rain has fallen
After the tears have washed your eyes
You'll find that I've take nothing, that
Love can't replace in the blink of an eye
There Still be love in The World